1. Home & Family Why doesn't the Sears Service Department (repair techs) and the Sears Installation Department work together to resolve customer problems? I purchased a water heater and installation thru Sears just 5 months ago. No hot water now. I called service and the tech sent to my home said the thermostat needs replacing. However, the tech couldn't do the repair because the installer placed a recirculation pipe too close to the thermostat- thus rendering it unserviceable. Instead of anyone at Sears taking ownership to resolve thie problem on my behalf, it's been up to me to make a series of calls between service and installation to resolve the issues. And... each appointment requires me to take 4 hours off to accomodate the service tech or installers appointment window! This is the poor service I've received from Sears to make good on my defective water heater just 5 months old. What a run-around. Awful.