1. Home & Family August 21, 2013 Re: 3809913 Dear Customer Rep, On May 28, 2013 we had a refurbished Dell laptop shipped to our Florida residence Per an order my husband placed with Sears. It had the XP system that I needed To excess my recipe program I needed for our upcoming trip to Michigan. The 1st computer sent never would boot up - so it was exchanged for another Refurbished XP laptop from Zoom USA - which we took to Michigan Within a week of use (toward to end of June) it had a missing file error That wouldn't allow use of the computer - so we contacted Zoom USA To ask for a restore disk. When it arrived when we were back home in Florida It would not restore past 70% and I am getting no further response from Zoom USA - What are our options at this point? Gwen S***** 1** ****** Dr *******, Fl 32162 3**-2**-**** S*******@gmail.com or g****2*@embarqmail.com