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  1. Home & Family Vacation Your Way With These Fun Cruising Styles

    I did not know Nickelodeon had a cruise this is great. The other time I went on a cruise it was with my kids and they wished it was Nickelodeon this is great.
  2. Home & Family Explore Florida

    The parks are hard but a must see with kids. I know a trick though. Do a few days in the park then take the Disney cruise. Oh my they have babysitting they dock for gambling. The food is wonderful. Th…
  3. Home & Family What’s Your Vacation Style?

    My whole life I have wanted to go to Hawaii. I wanted to see black sand beaches, a volcano, learn to surf, and see the history of Pearl Harbor. I also think that macadamia nuts are the most amazing fo…
  4. Home & Family Spring Planning Survey May 7

    your right more crafty toys
  5. Home & Family Spring Planning Survey May 7

    My son is autistic and has ADHD a tough combo he loves to build things. He never finishes them or destroyes them part way through. I got myself a tool box and told him he could not touch it. He is ten…
  6. Home & Family Spring Planning Survey March 12

    I have been looking for chokers for jewlery. I also need to see more bling on bags, not my Moms bags something big enough to hold an Iphone but have young designs. Too much old fashioned accessories.
  7. Home & Family Staycations Can be Just as Fun as Traveling

    I did not know about your books at Sears.com this is helpful