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  1. Home & Family So, this is what happened. We bought a Sears dryer online. The installers, Quality Kitchens and Appliances, in the Washington DC area (301 9**-**** phone) unhooked and moved the washer when they installed the dryer. In the process of moving the washer and putting it back they damaged my walls (see pictures attached and in forwarded email from Isabelle *****) and caused a leak somewhere on the washer, which has since soaked my carpet around the washer. See attached pictures. Sears directed me to call Quality Kitchens if they did not contact me within 3 days. After 5 days I called Quality Kitchens. They sent out the installers who did nothing more than look at the connections to the washer peeking the back without moving it, and said they had connected it properly and the leak is my problem. They admitted that the washer was not leaking before they moved it but said it was my issue. They even said that it had been a couple of weeks since they installed the dryer so the damage could not be related to their work, when the delay was due to Sears and then them ignoring my requests to come look at the washer wall, and water damage that started immediately! They ignored the wall damage completely. The forwarded email from Isabelle ***** to follow will document that the leak problem started immediately after they disconnected and moved the washer while banging against walls. I have had at least four different case managers on this issue and I have been given nothing but the runaround in terms of my washer, wall, and carpet--which is starting to mildew--damage claims. First Kyle, at 1 800 3**-8*** option 3 extension 5***1 case number 360936. He sent me to Adam ****** 847 6** **** case number L1307155005. He sent me to Jamie **** 866 3** 1*** case number 50920 and Mathew **** at Sedgewick case numbers L1307155005 and 150305. Sedgewick tried to send me back to the installers, Quality Kitchen, who simply said they are not liable, contrary to obvious facts, so the scraped walls, wet mildewing carpet and now non-functioning, leaking, washing machine are my problem! I have been trying to resolve this for like 6 weeks. I bought a product and a service from Sears. Sears should be responsible for addressing this. Stephen ****/Joan ****

  2. Home & Family I was told that I would be contacted about my dryer installation damage claim within 3 business days. It has been six business days and counting. Stephen **** and Joan ****. Email ****@ge*****.edu