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  1. Home & Family Spring Planning Survey May 21

    Looking for decent dog beds and also dog leashes. Everything seems to be made of cheap material. Carriers as thinking about a new Dachshund.
  2. Home & Family Spring Planning Survey April 23

    Need to get married first!
  3. Outdoors How to Prevent Lawn Insects

    Had no idea that insects like to make homes in the thatch. Need to get that up in the backyard ASAP! Great article.
  4. Outdoors Planning a Lower Maintenance Lawn

    Great advice. Going to start the different mowing patterns. The lawn is green and thick, but grows crazy. Doing a Craftsman mower tuneup this weekend.
  5. Home & Family Spring Planning Survey April 9

    Looking for more of the UK brand for men in shorts and shirts, along with Roebuck and Co brand shorts. Having great design releases lately and time to clean the closet out for a better wardrobe.