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  1. Home & Family We purchased a Kenmore dishwasher (consumer reports rated #1) 6/2/13. It was delivered & put in place 6/21 but damaged a gasket which they replaced 2 weeks later. In neither visit did the installer attempt to level the unit as described in the install instructions. They clearly DID NOT KNOW HOW TO LEVEL THE UNIT AT ALL. Totally ignorant of what to do. At the last visit, the DW was falling out of the cabinet at the top and pushed in at the bottom such that the top shelf flew out when opening the door. It takes 2 people to load the DW now. We've spent hours on the phone with Sears--the national installion dept., "customer solutions @ 800-479-5899, asst. store manager Michele Huffman (Sears Cottonwood, Albuquerque) and on and on. Each contact has said they've scheduled the installer (requesting a different person) to come out and install the DW & finish the job. In no instance did anyone from Sears or the installer call to set up an appointment to come out. ALL OR SOME OF THEM HAVE LIED TO US REPEATEDLY. I will never buy another appliance at Sears even if it's rated best in the WORLD because Sears does NOT have any interest in the installation of its appliances, only making a quick sale. They told us a) after 72 hours, it's ours (!) and our problem to deal with the installer. Then they told us we had 30 days to return it for a replacement. But if we did that, it would have to be "installed" again. I think they are gambling on us tiring of this mess and getting our own installer to finish the job. Please, everyone out there, do not get anything from Sears that requires installation in your home. This scam should be exposed on 60 minutes.