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  1. Saving Money SHC Wendy, FD2, Tks 4 getting back to me. Per your rqst...store mgr Joey H. is over 2 stores, Stonecrest Mall on Lithonia & Southlake Mall on Morrow, GA. Plse let the Sears CEO know that he needs more mgrs like Joey. Tks to him my boys got their Christmas gifts. He went above & beyond to help fix the problem. Tks again 4 the help. Merry Christmas!

  2. Saving Money In follow-up to my complaint Sears ruined Christmas for my kids, thank you Exec Cust Relations Team for your help. It was only when I found the store mgr myself that this nightmare was fixed. Tks so much Joey for your help. The upper mgmt at Sears should hire more mgrs like Joey. The Stonecrest Mall store had ruined Christmas for my kids. Mgr Joey went above & beyond to fix it! The CEO of Sears needs to know that he has a mgr who is willing to listen & help. You need more like him & less like the ones who created this week long nightmare! Tks to the caring & compassion of this mgr, my kids get their Christmas gifts! Sears needs more like store mgr Joey!

  3. Home & Family SHC Wendy, FD2, Tks 4 getting back to me. I will wait to see if anyone gets in touch with me. I really want to reach CEO ofc to tell how I was treated & how the only 2 items my boys were getting for Christmas will not be happening. This store at Stonectest Mall is a very poor excuse of a Sears store! No concern or compassion of customers at all. Tks again for your time. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. I won't tks to Sears!

  4. Home & Family What is Sears CEO phone number, plse? Sears at Stonecrest Mall in GA has ruined Christmas for my 2 boys! As a single mom on SSI every penny counts. Can't get the disc that online said store would give on my 2 items. Never a gen store mgr on site! This is ridiculous! Already made 2 trips to store & given wrong info about item! I'm on a fixed inc & can't keep going 25 miles each trip for wrong info! Tks, Sears for ruining the only 2 things my boys would have gotten! Plse give me CEO # so he can hear how his store mgr is NOT there!