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  1. Home & Family Please help. We are on washing machine repair visit #5 and we have been smoked out of our house twice. Everytime they come to fix it they find something else. We have twice had them leave and say it is ok only to have to spend time outside with our 7 year old daughter due to buring capacitors. We had the thrid reair man say the last guy didnt know what he was talking about after we purchased another motor only for him to say original was good. We had a 5th reapir visit scheduled and the repair man did not even stop by the house because my wife couldnt get to the phone in time. Why is our appointment depending on a call saying you are next? what happend to coming to the door and knocking? We have had to go to the laundry facility three weeks straight. Calling the local service line only gets us another repair visit. Please please help us get this resloved. We like Sears appliances but how much is too much??