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  1. Home & Family Reading over some of these questions (complaints), I realize that customer service may not be going great. I recently placed 2 orders through Sears.com and made sure it was from Sears just in case there is a problem with the order I can return it since there is only a sears next to me. Well, when the orders came in about 4 different boxes, turns out some items were from Sears and others were from Kmart! Not only that, one of the items were missing and now there's this process of talking to UPS and Customer Service and more waiting. The customer service reps have always been nice, but it's pretty annoying. I purchased the items as gifts for some kids, but I am seriously considering returning everything and purchasing my stuff else where. And not only was one item missing but the two items from Sears.com specifically say on the invoice-"DO NOT RETURN TO A SEARS STORE" What??? That's pretty annoying since the return policy said I can return items to the Sears store. What is going on with Sears.com customer service? I just went to sears to purchase some tools and they were great there. Just would be weary of shopping online (which I do 90% of the time) from Sears.com