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  5. Followed this: Home & Family I had my carpet cleaned by Sears on 10/2/12 (invoice#378663). My carpet was not clean behind the doors and still had spots it. As well as my jewelry is missing (some small gold diamond hoop earring and a gold Minnie mouse charm with necklace). Those items mean alot to me and I know I may never see them again. I called to see if I can get a refund for the not clean and was told to let someone different come out and clean. I have been violated and I don't want no one in my house, I did agree to let a manager look and see what wasn't cleaned and I was told by Dave Abrmes that Sear have policies and someone have to come and clean and he can not refund the money. They were very rude to me. I just don't understand if I have been violated, you want me to let someone else in my house. All I am asking is to be refunded the $123 for the non cleaning that I was charged. I have the pictures to prove the non cleaning..I know I can't get my items but please help me.