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Teaching your kid to throw and catch a baseball

When to start: 5- 7 years of age
Start with a softer ball, like a nerf or wiffle ball or a hacky sack using bare hands and catching the ball with fingers up or even batting the ball down with an open palm. Teaching to throw and catch requires small steps, gradually increasing the difficulty. Next step is the glove, and it’s hard not to get sentimental giving your kid his or her first baseball glove. At first, kids may instinctively turn away from balls thrown at them, but you want your kid to… See More

Find the Right Running Shoes for You

It doesn’t matter if you’re a serious runner or you simply enjoy running to get a healthy sweat once in a while. Finding the right running shoe means you’ll have to evaluate your feet for any problems that might cause pain should your shoes not fit properly.
How to find the right running shoe
In order to find your perfect running shoe, determine the physiology of your feet. Are your arches high or low, or do you have a normal foot? The first step to help find the right shoe for your foot involves… See More

Bosu Ball Exercises

After reading the title of this blog, you may be asking yourself, “What’s a Bosu Ball?” If that’s the case, then I did my job. I got your attention. Today, we are going to focus on a newer, fun, versatile piece of fitness equipment that you can use at home or in most gyms around the country.


The Bosu Ball, or Bosu Ball Trainer, is relatively new to the fitness industry. By ‘new’, I mean within the last 10 to 15 years. When compared to Medicine Balls or Kettlebells, both of which… See More

Simple Bike Tune Up for Spring

It’s time to pull the bike out of hibernation, but before you can enjoy a nice smooth ride there are a few minor things you may need to do to. Don’t worry you don’t need any special tools or expertise, and it only takes a few minutes before you’re road-ready.
Clean the Chain
There are chain cleaners that make this task a lot easier and less messy. They’ll get into the crevices your fingers won’t be able to. And there are cleaner & lubricants that allow you to do both with one squeeze… See More

Spring Sports and Kids: Get Active

Most children spend an average of five to seven hours daily in front of a screen, whether it’s a television, computer or other electronic device, reports the National Institutes of Health. When the warmer weather arrives, it’s time to turn off the power button and get the kids involved in outdoor sports and activities. Keep active with spring sports for kids such as baseball, softball and soccer.

Get your kids off the couch and outside with recreational sports through your local park district… See More

Medicine Ball

Would you like to work out with the same piece of fitness equipment that professional athletes, iron men & women, and Crossfitters use during their workouts? Good news. You can. Medicine balls are a staple in these workouts. Luckily, they are common in most gyms, fitness centers, professional training studios and home gyms. Additionally, medicine balls range in prices from inexpensive to expensive.

Medicine Ball Origin

Medicine balls may be new to you, but medicine balls have actually… See More

Fit Apps that Can Help Make the Most of Your Workout

Are you having a tough time staying committed to your fitness goals? Maybe you need an app for that.

Fittr (

Fittr is a slick new mobile app that helps you create a fun and efficient workout. It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in or how you like to work out (strength or cardio). Fittr works around your personal goals, access to equipment and schedule to create the optimal routine, and it integrates well with numerous fitness tracking devices. It can also tap into your social… See More

Health Benefits of Artichokes

Healthy, delicious and slightly sophisticated, the poor artichoke is often overlooked despite that fact that it’s incredibly delicious and versatile. It’s also one of the first vegetables to come into season after a long winter of soups and stews — oh yeah, and they’re incredibly good for you.

Antioxidant powerhouses

When it comes to antioxidant power, the artichoke trumps most of its green counterparts. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, artichokes are the… See More

How to Survive Allergy Season

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and you just can’t stop sneezing. To make matters worse, you also have itchy eyes, sinus pressure, a runny nose, congestion and a scratchy throat. Here are a few ways to get a handle on that hay fever.

Your home is your haven
The allergens that cause unpleasant sniffles and itches during allergy season are less likely to infiltrate your home if you take steps to shut them out. For starters, keep your windows closed and turn on a fan or air conditioner… See More

Exercise Ball Workouts

If you’ve gone to a gym or fitness studio recently, you’ve probably noticed those big, round, super light, brightly colored exercise balls scattered around. To some people they look fun, to others, they look intimidating. Exercise balls should actually be a staple piece of fitness equipment in just about everyone’s workout. Once you overcome your initial thoughts, you’ll find that the exercise ball is an extremely fun and useful piece of fitness equipment for both men and women.


Although… See More

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