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Top 5 Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day

Let’s concede that there are a group of movies so beloved that they make everyone’s list of most romantic movies. Invariably, those perennial favorites include Casablanca, Pretty Woman, Flashdance and When Harry Met Sally, which were all made more than two decades ago.
Here’s a list of some more modern romantic dramas and comedies you may overlook when selecting the perfect film to snuggle up in front of this Valentine’s Day. Each meets any serious romantic’s expectations for watching… See More

5 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

The whole process of setting New Year’s resolutions is filled with pitfalls and disappointments. We all want to lose weight, save more money or find a better job. Of course, most people’s track record for keeping resolutions to make changes that amount to something is dismal. Life simply gets in the way. If you’re determined to make this year different, focus on making small lifestyle changes rather than massive overhauls.
Eat breakfast every day
The greatest wealth is health, and maintaining… See More

Spread Goodwill at Christmastime

Make this Christmas about more than just traditional holiday giving with family and friends. Find ways to reach out to those who won’t ask for your help, but who need it the most. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for your own life when you help others.
Christmas volunteering
Take some time on Christmas Day (or during the holidays) to make a difference in the lives of others. Your kids will learn a valuable lesson about the true meaning of Christmas.

Serve food at a homeless shelter. Many… See More

Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Teachers

Finding good gift ideas for teachers is important, because teachers deserve all the support you can give them. Schoolteachers do an important job, and their efforts are often underappreciated. You don’t have to spend big money to show a teacher your support, though. Simply choose him or her a cheerful gift.

Deciding what gift to give a teacher
Pick a gift that suits the teacher’s personality, but nothing fussy or expensive. Give a casual gift that shows your gratitude, not one that seems… See More

5 Great Gift Ideas for Runners

Unsure what to buy for the runner on your gift list? While running requires very little gear, several accessories and gadget can make hitting the road more often and enjoying a workout easier. Here are 5 presents most any runner will be sure to love receiving this holiday season.
Replace those running shoes
Running may be enjoyable, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy – especially for someone wearing old, broken-down shoes and sticking to sidewalks of hard concrete. The more miles a person logs,… See More

10 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

Working out and losing weight are great resolutions, but such traditional goals may be as difficult to reach this year as last. Why not commit to something different?
Here are 10 ideas for resolutions that may be better fits for your lifestyle and which may be easier to keep. The list is not definitive, but trying out one or more of these resolutions will at least ensure you won’t be breaking the same boring promises you have in previous years.

Learn a language
Videos, audio e-books,… See More

How to Buy Your Man the Perfect Christmas Gift

Every woman knows that shopping for a man can be incredibly difficult. Ducking into a bath and body store to pick up a scented lotion or candle simply doesn’t cut it. But if you put time and energy into getting your husband or boyfriend exactly what he wants, he’ll be thrilled.
Follow these tips to help ensure you make your man smile when he opens his gift, whether it’s this season’s must-have gadget or a grooming products gift set.

Find out what he wants
Never be afraid… See More

Fashionista Gift Ideas for Your Christmas Shopping List

If you have a fashion lover on your holiday gift shopping list, you may be stumped on what to get the woman who seems to already own every trendy beauty product, outfit and accessory. Here are some great ideas for giving the fashion lover in your life a present she’ll treasure.

Show you care about her skin
Every fashionista knows that putting her best face forward is essential to completing any look. So high-end skin care products make amazing gifts for fashion lovers. Sets from… See More

Make the Most of Your First Christmas as a Married Couple

The first year of marriage is full of milestones that merit commemoration, from the anniversary of your first kiss to your eventual wedding anniversary. Your first Christmas as a couple can also become a cherished memory as the years roll by, and creating great holiday memories isn’t all that difficult.
Making time for spending meaningful holiday time together can sometimes be difficult. The key to creating happy first Christmas memories is to plan to do things that you and your partner most enjoy…. See More

Get Creative When Hosting Holiday Parties

Everyone loves a good holiday party, and being with loved ones is what makes the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day the most wonderful time of the year. But attending too many traditional holiday get-togethers can get boring. So why not shake things up this year?
Whether you’re entertaining dozens of friends or just having an intimate family gathering, you can liven up any party by giving it a fun theme. Try one or more of these ideas make your party the hit of the holiday season, one… See More

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