Learn How to Get Your Outdoor Space Beautiful.

Spring Yard Cleanup

Now that the weather is warming and the days are lengthening, it’s time to get your yard ready for spring. Before settling down to enjoy the season, take care of the following items on your yard work checklist.
Prepare lawn for spring
Warm weather signals your turf that it’s time to start growing. Ensure that it gets off to a good start by first raking leaves and debris from the grass. Then apply fertilizer and irrigate if there is no rainfall. Begin mowing when the grass reaches two inches tall…. See More

Getting the Patio Ready

Your backyard is your place to kick back and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the outdoors with friends, family and refreshments. But after a few seasons your patio furniture can start to show its age. There are simple things you can do to give it a refresh.

Brush off and lightly clean
Start by brushing everything off with an outside broom that has soft bristles then use a mild soap to cleanse the surfaces. Windex makes an outdoor cleaner you can attach to your hose. You may want to read… See More

Mowers: Should I Keep It Reel?

Lawn mowing serves two purposes. Mowing the grass keeps the lawn from looking unkempt and unruly and helps maintain the health of your lawn. But how much power do you need out of your machine and how much maintenance are you up for?
Reel mowers
Using a reel mower requires people-power versus gas or electricity. Today’s modern reel mowers are not the heavy monsters your grandfathers pushed around their lawns. The modern reel mower from brands such as Craftsman, Fiskars, Remington, Scott’s and more… See More

Creating a Butterfly Garden

Captivating and magical, backyard butterflies add dynamic beauty to your backyard. These delicate, winged creatures are easy to attract, if you know what they like.
Be a Good Host
If you build it, they will come. To entice butterflies and keep them, you want to plant host plants (for butterfly larva) and nectar plants.

Backyard butterflies feed on host plants and lay their eggs, which then become caterpillars that feed on the plants until they develop chrysalises and eventually butterflies…. See More

How to Take Great Nature Photographs

Maybe your photos won’t make the cover of National Geographic, but here are some simple techniques that’ll up your game when shooting nature shots.


Forget the how-to book. Look closely at a book or website that has nature photographs you like and pay close attention to everything going on in the frame. What do you like about it? Think about the focus, the colors, the depth of field. How is this photo telling a compelling story?

Be patient

The best nature shots aren’t necessarily… See More

Healthier Habits for that Beach Body

As the weather gets warmer and we begin to shed some layers of clothing, toning various body parts becomes top of mind. Here are some simple things you can do to look and feel good this spring and summer.

Eat a good breakfast. Kickstart your metabolism and start the day right. The old saying, eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch and a pauper for dinner, is good to keep in mind.

Eat more plants. Have several helpings of salad, fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Now that… See More

The Allure of Ornamental Grasses

Looking to add some interest and beauty to your garden all year long? Ornamental grasses dress up just about any garden through the seasons, and their dramatic appearance and reliable hardiness are reminiscent of our natural landscape.
Providing year-round color and beauty, ornamental grasses are drought-resistant once established, and are as close to maintenance-free as most plants come. Available in myriad varieties, colors, shapes and sizes, the graceful grasses with their silky feathers and… See More

Pumpkin Disposal Suggestions for after Halloween

Once Halloween is over and your pumpkins have served their purpose as fun decorations for the holiday, they deserve a better ending than being tossed into the trash. Environmentally friendly disposal of pumpkins is easier than you think.
Recycle a pumpkin shell
Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean your jack-o’-lantern is ready to retire. Pumpkin disposal in the trash will seem like a waste when you choose one of these easy ideas.
Decorative planter
Fill your pumpkins with potting soil… See More

Prepare Your Garden for Next Year in 4 Easy Steps

As the summer ends and we head into fall, you’re likely thinking more about harvesting those last few tomatoes, beans and carrots than what you’ll plant next year. But by planning ahead you can save yourself time and money, and grow a great garden filled with wonderful produce more easily next year. Follow these four easy steps as you put your garden to bed this year to ensure it will awaken again in the spring, ready to grow.
Before you can put your garden to bed, you need to harvest… See More

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