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Fall Outdoor Party Planning

As temperatures begin to cool, it’s still a great time for outdoor entertaining. The backyard pool may be closed for the season, but your patio and deck are still perfect spots for a fall party with friends and family.
The food: smoked meats
Before getting into the other party elements, muse over some outdoor party food ideas. Smoked meat as a main course fits well with fall, and an electric smoker gives you smoky satisfaction each time. Pair sweet, smoked pork ribs with grilled root vegetables… See More

Arrange Your Patio for Conversation

The right patio furniture arrangement creates an outdoor setting to help your guests and family feel welcome, whether it’s for quiet conversation or a warm and friendly gathering. Rearranging your patio seating into natural social groupings is easy. When it’s time to entertain, you only need to add a few festive touches to make it a full-on party.
How to arrange your patio for conversation
The key to a patio that encourages relaxed conversation is providing a focal point. It gives people something… See More

Prepare Your Gas-Powered Yard Equipment for Winter Storage

Soon the fall leaves will all been raked, the firewood will be split and stacked and the last of the garden vegetables harvested. Winter will be coming and it’s almost time to store awayyou’re your summer lawn and garden equipment – the lawn mower, weed trimmer, chainsaw, tiller, blower and brush cutter – until next spring. Their time will come again, when the snow melts, but soon they’ll have earned their rest.
Power equipment maintenance
Storing away your yard equipment isn’t a matter… See More

How to Clean Resin Patio Furniture

Resin is one of the most popular materials for making patio furniture, and it’s easy to see why. Resin is inexpensive, durable and looks great in many different settings. Resin patio furniture is also known for being easy to clean, making it a great choice for our busy lifestyles.

While resin patio furniture is generally easy to clean, it’s still important to keep it as protected as possible. Keeping your resin patio furniture in the shade when possible will help preserve the color and allow… See More

Six Lawn and Garden Tools for a Beautiful Lawn

There’s no question you need a lawnmower to keep your lawn looking neat and clean, but sometimes adding a little diversity to your toolkit can go a long way. Truth be told, I’ve been mowing my lawn for years, but it wasn’t until added a few new, lesser-known tools to my arsenal that I started getting compliments from my neighbors. So, here are a few of my favorite lesser-known and inexpensive tools you should consider if you’re looking to turn a well-trimmed lawn into a beautiful one.

A… See More

DIY Indoor Gardens and Terrariums

I’ll bet you’re like me and enjoy spending time outside when you can, taking in the sunshine and the seasonal greenery. Once the temperatures drop where I live, however, only the hardiest vegetation survives freezing temperatures, and I’m not really fond of crystallized nose hairs. So, I do what I can to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into my home. You, too?

Sure, we adorn the dining room table with a bouquet of store-bought flowers or a corner table with a potted fern. We also hang… See More

Get the Best Garden Hoses with Our Garden Hose Guide

Garden hoses are a necessity, even for a small yard or patio. With the right hose, you can spray or soak — and give your plants exactly what they need to thrive — without making a mess or wasting a drop of water.
Garden Hose Guide
Garden hoses are usually between 50 and 100 feet long, although you can find them longer or shorter to meet your specific needs. Long hoses can be difficult to manage, though, especially when they’re full of water, so you might find you’re better off linking two… See More

Patio Furniture Storage Tips for Storing Outdoor Furniture

Patio furniture storage is important if you want to keep your outdoor furniture clean, dry and out of the weather so it will keep looking good for longer. Especially in harsh winter areas, storing your patio furniture carefully will make it last much longer and look new for years to come.

Storing outdoor furniture

The ideal solution is to store patio furniture inside, where the weather can’t get at it. However, if you don’t want to use up your storage space, or your furniture is too bulky… See More

How to Create a Zen Rock Garden in Your Yard

The other day I came home and noticed the garden in my front yard had a bit of a weed problem. The problem being that it was a garden of weeds. Dandelions were sprouting everywhere, and morning glory vines were swallowing everything, even the 8-foot sunflowers by the mailbox! My wife and I have done our best to keep up with the weeds this summer, but it was time to admit defeat. Between all the rain we’ve had this season and all the demands of our day-to-day lives, there was no way we were going… See More

Outdoor Heating Solutions for Cool Fall Evenings

Bring the party outdoors, even when the temperatures begin to dip in the late summer and early fall, with outdoor fire pits, fireplaces and patio heaters. These outdoor heating systems allow you to continue enjoying your outdoor living space even when the colder weather suggests light sweaters and jackets. A stylish fire pit, outdoor fireplace or patio heater provides the perfect outdoor heating solution, creating a cozy atmosphere for friendly gatherings.
Fire pits
Fire pits come in a range of… See More

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