Learn How to Get Your Outdoor Space Beautiful.

Best Grill and Furniture Covers

If you’re like most people, you don’t have enough room to store your grill and patio furniture over the winter. No matter where you live, using outdoor furniture covers can save you money in the long term. These luxury items aren’t something you can afford to replace every other year. Covers that fit properly will protect your investment and keep them looking like new longer.
Best outdoor furniture covers
Whether you’re shopping for grill or outdoor furniture covers, the quality of the… See More

Backyard Camping Tips for the Family

After years of backpacking and rock climbing, I’ve learned that camping trips are one of the best ways to vacation with the entire family. It gets the kids exploring the outside world and shows what no nature special on TV or YouTube video can. Kids learn skills like how to fish or build a fire, but camping is also a great way to teach children real-world skills like cooperation, patience and planning. Better still, these excursions can be as long or as short as you need them to be, from multi-day… See More

Outdoor Lounge Furniture for Every Style and Space

Outdoor lounge chairs have come a long way since the woven vinyl-mesh folding chairs of yesteryear. Today’s backyard patios, decks and balconies are more than just a place to sit outside and eat a hot dog off the grill. Your patio, deck and balcony are modern outdoor living spaces, an extension of the home and an oasis from the chaos of daily routine.


Enjoy an afternoon nap or relax with a good book in a comfortable hammock placed on your deck or patio or under a shady tree in the… See More

How to Shop for an Above Ground Pool

There’s still plenty of time left this summer to enjoy a pool in your backyard. To help you cut through the swimming pool research, here’s some valuable information that will help you buy an above ground pool for your family.
Factors to consider
There are many factors to consider when buying a pool, including your budget, the size of your yard, how much time and money you want to spend on maintenance, and even the part of the country you live in. Be sure to consider the following key questions… See More

4 Tips For A Healthy Lawn And A Healthy Pet

Warm weather is the perfect opportunity to take good care of your lawn and enjoy plenty of time outdoors with your family and pets. Sure, you probably want to have a green lawn, but does a green lawn equal a healthy and safe environment for you, your family and your pet? Many pesticide and fertilizer products that advertise a green lawn are quite harmful to your pets, your family and the environment. Not sure how to get a strong, healthy green lawn that isn’t toxic? Check out these 4 tips for getting… See More

Best Outdoor Planters for Every Style

Container gardening is a popular trend today, especially when outdoor space is limited. But even if it’s not, growing and displaying plants in attractive outdoor planters is an easy way to add style, color or a touch of whimsy to your patio, deck or porch. You can find planters that coordinate with your home’s architectural style or the color of your home’s exterior – or even something that reflects your personality or sense of humor.
Basket planters
Greet your guests with pretty posies… See More

5 Great Patio Pond Accessories

A pond can add a delightful accent to your garden or patio. Including fish and flora will add to its pleasures, but you can increase its beauty with other patio pond accessories, too.

Pretty pebbles

Scattering natural or pretty pebbles inside and around the perimeter of the pond is an attractive way to finish its look. For use outside your pond, try a set of 100 acrylic glow-in-the-dark pebbles. Scatter them near the outside edge of your pond, and they’ll surely attract attention.

Boulders… See More

Outdoor Grill Cleaning Tips

Outdoor grilled steaks and burgers are some of the signature flavors of summer. Cleanup after meals can take you away from relaxing with your friends and family after eating. Here are a few grill cleaning tips to help keep your outdoor grill in top shape and get you back to the party quicker.
Spray the grates
To make cleaning an outdoor grill easier, spray the grill grates with nonstick cooking spray. Applying peanut oil to the grates also works. The Steven Raichlen Grilling Grate Oiler Brush takes… See More

Outdoor Furniture Care and Cleaning Tips

Patio and deck furniture is regularly exposed to the elements: rain, sun, wind and even animals. Daily use also takes its toll. Ketchup drips onto a seat cushion when eating a juicy burger fresh off the grill, or a popsicle is left melting on a wooden table. Outdoor furniture care begins by identifying the furniture material type and choosing its best cleaning method. Here are some tips.

Resin and plastic

Cleaning outdoor furniture, especially resin and plastic items, is simple. Resin furniture… See More

Add Style to Your Outdoor Living Space with Lawn Ornaments

When you’re looking for ways to punctuate your patio or garden with style, consider outdoor lawn ornaments. These decorative accessories introduce a personal touch to your outdoor spaces and can be coordinated with your home’s style and/or outdoor furnishings.

Decorate with lawn ornaments

Decorating with lawn ornaments can also help you create a focal point or accent a special place in your garden. If your home is your castle, a majestic lion statue makes a big statement. Its bronze finish… See More

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