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Create a New Year Budget

If the word “budget” isn’t in your vocabulary, it’s time to understand why you need one. When you begin steps to create a budget, you’ll control your money better and have peace of mind as your savings grows.
Determine your goals
The first step to create a family budget is setting long-term and short-term goals. Be realistic: Short-term goals shouldn’t take longer than a year. As an example, a short-term goal is to pay off a credit card or save for a summer vacation. A long-term goal, such as saving… See More

Sears December Family and Friends Event-a little extra help this holiday season!

Sometimes you need a little motivation to get you through the last push of Christmas shopping.  The December Family and Friends event is here to help beginning December 8th from 6 pm-9 pm or online December 7th from 8 pm CST to December 10th, 7 am CST.  Get up to 15% many items to help you purchase those last minute gifts.  These savings can help you add an extra present under that tree this year from Santa!
Shop your way members get an extra special bonus for this fall:  qualifying purchases… See More

How to Get Rid of Drafts from Doors and Windows

Anyone living in an older home, and many people in newer houses, have cold drafts getting in through windowpanes and gaps around doors and windows. Cold air entering from outside makes creating a cozy environment impossible without cranking up the heat – and ratcheting up your utility bill.
The real cure to transforming a drafty home into a comfortable retreat is to spend time, and not as much money as you would think, eliminating places where cold air can sneak in.

Find the drafts
Your… See More

Pre-Cyber Monday Deals have begun!

What is on your Christmas list this year?  Sears has ALL that you need to make your Christmas shopping a click away with tons of deals this pre-Cyber Monday!

We are not just talking stocking stuffers, either.  Sears has great prices on appliances this year.   How about a gorgeous new Samsung French Door fridge for $1000 less than the regular price?   This french door refrigerator features Twin Cooling Plus® to help produce stay fresher, the refrigerator air is kept at higher, near-commercial… See More

Sears November Family and Friends Event-just in time for holiday shopping!


Does the thought of holiday shopping stress you out?  Sears is here to make your shopping a little easier this year with the November Family and Friends Event November 17th from 6 pm-9 pm or online November 16th from 6 pm CST to November 19th 9 am CST.   Save up to 15% on all regular, sale and clearance clothing for the family, along with bed and bath, housewares and some seasonal items.   Have a more relaxing holiday season this year by knocking out your Christmas list in one day at the… See More

5 Tips to Save Money on Household Heating and Energy Costs

People around the world love summer. You can laze on the beach, enjoy a barbeque in the backyard or go swimming, all without worrying about being too cold. Things change, however, when the leaves are no longer green, nights are no longer short and there is a chill in the air.

During late fall and winter, you prefer staying at home with your heating system switched on all day. It’s nice and cozy indoors, and you are lulled into thinking that the colder seasons aren’t so bad. That lasts until… See More

Inexpensive Home Improvements that Make a Big Impact

Whether you’re planning to sell your home, or just settling in to a new place, simple improvements can make a big impact on the overall look and value of your home. Not everyone has the time or expertise to undertake major projects, but sometimes all you need is a few minor upgrades anyone can make to improve the look of your space. If you’re looking for some simple upgrades that are easy on the wallet, but provide a big impact, here are a few ideas.
Brighten your home with new light fixtures
With… See More

Tips for a More Energy-Efficient Refrigerator

Did you know that your refrigerator generally accounts for about 14 percent of the electricity consumption in your entire house? It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a bath, sleeping, or away at the beach, your refrigerator is always working hard to keep your food nice and cold.

But if your refrigerator isn’t operating as efficiently as it could be, you could be losing more and more money every second of every day. This can add up fast. Luckily, there are plenty of free ways to help make sure… See More

Have you been to the Sears Shoe Shops?

Sears is always up on trends for all shoe styles.  Now, they have the best selection along with useful tools to help you find the perfect boot and fitness shoe this year.

Let’s start with boots!  For the MANY members who like shoes, Fall is the BEST time of year.  It is finally BOOT season!  The Boot Shop on has you covered for all of your boot needs.  Whether you’re heading to class or out on the town, we have cool styles for every foot! Another amazing feature that can help to… See More

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