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Why an Annual HVAC Tune-up is so Important

by Mike Morris

It’s tempting to blow off scheduling an annual HVAC system inspection and tune-up. But the time involved and moderate cost you’ll incur is nothing compared to the hassle of a breakdown and the higher price you’ll pay to have it repaired when it breaks down.

Here’s why having an annual HVAC system inspection is an important thing to put on your homeowner’s list of things to do each spring.

Warranties aren’t all-inclusive

Many of the things that can go wrong with… See More

How to Change a Bike Tire

by Barb Hopkins

Changing a flat bike tire is a basic repair every cyclist should know how to perform. Changing a bike tire can be done in a few steps and with minimum tools.

Remove the wheel

Before attempting any maintenance or bike tire repair, consult your owner’s manual. The manual may offer step-by-step instructions for removing the wheel of your particular bike make and model. However, whether it’s a mountain bike, road bike or child’s bicycle, the basic steps for removing the… See More

Sears May Family and Friends Event!


Summer is so close that we can almost feel it! So get ready for some summer shopping fun with the next Family and Friends Event happening this weekend! From 6 pm to 9am on Sunday, May 5th save an extra 5% to 25% off regular and sale priced items at your local store. These amazing savings will also be available if you shop online at  from Saturday, May 4, 8pm CST to Tuesday, May 7, 7am CST. With these great deals shopping for Mother’s Day would be like a breeze this year!

VIP… See More

Energy-Saving Landscaping that Saves Money

by Rodney Hartman

When people think of ways to save money on energy, they seldom think of landscaping, but a little landscaping can lower your monthly energy bills if done correctly. By landscaping, you can help the environment at the same time you’re helping your bank account. Although landscaping is a long-term investment, it’s one that can pay off for the rest of your life.
Proper landscaping can help reduce energy costs during both summer and winter, but landscaping is most effective… See More

More SYWR Points every day at more places!

SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDSSM (SYWR) is making it easier for the members to get points at even more places. You can now accelerate your point potential as  SYWR forms an alliance with Visa. Now, you can earn SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS Points with our Visa Card Link Program. Simply register an eligible Visa card at and start shopping at participating Reward partners including:
Burger King
And many more!

As an added bonus, register your Visa… See More

Tax filing made easier

by Diane Quinn

It’s not quite time to panic, but April 15 is looming in the not-too-distance future. Does thinking about tax filing give you a headache? There are ways to make paying your taxes easier and less stressful.

Tax return preparation

Savvy taxpayers know the value of keeping organized tax records. If you haven’t yet reached that elevated category, you can get started now. Retrieve all the information that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires to prove that the numbers… See More

4 Ways to Go Green You May Not Have Thought Of

Now more than ever, homeowners are working hard to find ways to conserve energy and lower their carbon footprint. Whether the objective is to save money on energy bills or to preserve the environment, or a combination of the two, the verdict is in: Green is the color of the new century. Here are 4 ways to considerably lower your carbon footprint and save money on utilities at the same time.

Change out your bulbs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, use 75 percent less electricity than conventional… See More

10 Personal Finance Tips that Work

by David Russ

Do you find yourself stuck in a financial rut? Making improvements to your personal finances doesn’t have to be complicated. Small improvements can add up to significant financial advances over the long term. Think carefully about how well you’re using the following means of financial success.

1. Make sure you’re spending less than you’re earning. This is the most obvious of all financial success rules, dating back to before the invention of cash. Yet, curiously, this is the rule… See More

Free Layaway…No service Fee!

Sears is making ‘Spring shopping’ even more affordable for all its customers by waiving the Layaway service fee for few days in the month of March. So everyone can now stack up on all the things that they want for this year and plan ahead! Get that big screen TV you always wanted or that gorgeous grilling set that you had set your eyes upon. The benefits of using Sears Layaway, is that you can make everything look reasonable!  You get to shop with ease and really take your time to find… See More

Sears Family & Friends- One night only!

Your favorite event is back and it is just in time when you want to get ready for the Spring Season! The next Sears Family and Friends event is this weekend! From 6 to 9 p.m. on Sunday, Mar.10, save an extra 10 to 15 percent off regular, sale and clearance prices in store. This event will also run on from 8 p.m. CT on Saturday, Mar.9 through 7 a.m. CT on Tuesday, Mar. 12.  So what are you buying this weekend?
EXTRA 15% off* OR 25% in points*


Appliances,… See More

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