3 Great Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Boy-eating-ice-creamIce cream is the perfect summer treat, and homemade ice cream recipes outshine the store-bought stuff by far. Making ice cream is easy nowadays. You no longer have to find rock salt or turn a crank, unless you want to.

All ice cream makers come with recipes, and many will also make frozen yogurt and sherbet or gelato. Follow the directions, but feel free to add mix-in flavor boosters, to make ice cream your own way.

How to make homemade ice cream

You can make ice cream on the spur of the moment, but start with pre-chilled ingredients for better texture. Make sure your recipe suits the size of your machine, too. For firm ice cream, freeze for an hour or more after making.

2 quarts vanilla ice cream


2 cups whole milk

1 cup sugar

1/8 tsp salt

1 cup half and half

1 cup whipping cream

Interior scraped from a 2-inch section of vanilla bean or 1-1/2 tsp vanilla extract


Slowly heat the milk just until bubbles form around the edge. Mix in sugar and salt, then half and half, and then cream. Chill a half-hour and add vanilla bean, for vanilla flecks. If you don’t want flecks in your ice cream, use vanilla extract. Chill the mixture at least an hour, but overnight if you can. Churn in your ice cream maker, as directed.

For many, mix-ins are the ice cream. If your ice cream maker has a spout, adding the mix-ins is simpler. Add a crumbled chocolate brownie or two. Or for Tin Roof ice cream, add peanuts and fudge. It’s named for the way rain sounds on a tin-roofed shed — like someone is dumping peanuts on the roof.

Old-fashioned-ice-cream-maker6 quarts chocolate ice cream


6 cups chocolate milk

3 cups sugar

1/4 tsp salt

2 tsp vanilla

3 cups whipping cream

3 cups cream


Heat the milk until bubbles appear at the edge. Stir in sugar and salt, and remove from heat. Beat with a mixer until cool, add then stir in vanilla and creams. Chill for an hour and place in your machine.

At picnics and family reunions, let the kids crank this large ice cream machine that can also run on electricity. Possible mix-ins include orange peel and extract, miniature chocolate chips or walnuts and marshmallows.

Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Hamilton-Beach-single-serve-soft-ice-cream-makerThis recipe is for the cute Hamilton Beach single serving machine. It comes with recipes for ice creams and more; try this healthy FroYo:


3 cups Greek yogurt (must be Greek style)

1/2 cup sugar (or clover honey to taste)

1-1/2 tsp extract of your choice

Chopped dried cherries or nuts.


Shake everything together in a jar, and you’ll have FroYo mix for a week. Freeze the mixing container for at least eight hours before use, and use about 1/4 of the jar for each serving. Make according to machine directions, and then chill and enjoy.


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  1. I LOVE homemade ice cream! We have a Cuisinart ice cream and yogurt maker that makes homemade ice cream making a cinch! I really like the idea of a single serving maker as well. Thanks for sharing these recipes, I'm a sucker for old fashioned chocolate ice cream, will have to give this chocolate recipe a try!

    Wendy, I've never heard of the 5-minute ice cream! I bet the students loved ice cream day!!

  2. We use to make the 5-minute ice-cream at the end of the school year with speech and language kiddos! What fun for the kids!

    Thank you for sharing!


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