A Grill In The Kitchen!

I admit that I’m totally biased about grilling in the kitchen…let’s make that biased AND knowledgeable! I’ve owned a grill (with real lava rocks no less) in the kitchen for about 18 years.

Do you love the taste of grilled food? And, if you live in colder regions (as I do) do you love grilling in the cold weather (my guess is no) if you grill at all during those colder months?

Enter the indoor grill! In my case, I imagine I’ve used the grill probably several times a week as a rule. Grilling vegetables, meat in many different forms, kebabs (awesome) helps to expand our dinner menus. Grilling is, of course, one of the easiest cooking methods. Keep the heat low enough in certain situations and the grill does not need constant attention. Its convenience and fun factor too make for a great addition to the kitchen!

And, the grill is a VERY healthy way in which to cook. Healthy cooking may just be one of the biggest advantages of all. The natural tastes of the foods you grill come through in their purest forms.

Short of installing an integrated countertop grill or a grill which is built into a cooktop or range, the sheer numbers of portable grills available for indoor use is amazing. Since I moved from the home in which I had an integrated grill appliance, I now use a stovetop grill pan. A stovetop grill pan makes for easy storage, as it is typically a flat and very short piece of cookware. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store…delicious food as a result complete with grill marks.

The portable electric indoor grills are attractive for their BIG grilling surface area. Also, their portability allows the grill to be used in nearly any area of the kitchen to create a designated grilling station…the perfect solution when there are a few too many cooks in the kitchen or the cook says “out of my way!” As the weather cools in many areas of the country, let the grilling continue!

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