Induction Cooking – It’s Awesome!

By now you have surely heard about induction cooking – that super technologically advanced way to cook, well, BETTER. That’s a big statement, sure, but following are some compelling and surprising reasons to switch to induction cooking.

I have been cooking on an Electrolux 36″ induction cooktop since this spring. Prior to using an induction cooktop, I cooked with gas for many years. The bottom line? Induction wins every feature and benefit choice when comparing cooktops, it’s that simple.


Induction cooking is far more efficient than gas. When cooking with gas, the energy slips away, unable to be fixed in place. As a result, induction cooking is roughly 60% more efficient than gas – a remarkable difference in energy usage.


Studies (and comparisons with my own eyes) have shown that induction cooking is faster than gas. Think of heating up that pot of boiling water – with induction cooking, it’s ready in a snap. Induction cooktops and/or induction ranges power up to the highest power setting immediately. Some burners have an extra power boost to take the power up even faster AND higher.


Do your kids cook with you or are they often underfoot? When multiple cooks are working in the kitchen, accidents can happen so easily. Induction cooktops often have lights which notify which burners are on or are hot, even after the cookware has been removed from the burner. Another safety feature is inherent to the technology – ONLY the bottom of the pot or pan gets hot – the area immediately surrounding the vessel stays cool to the touch. When small (or large) fingers find their way close to a working burner, safety is on your side.

electrolux induction rangeINSTANT RESPONSE

The holy grail of cooking is having control over the cooktop or stovetop settings. Induction cooktops offer instant response to higher or lower heat settings. Instant on, instant off, instant in between settings allow for the precise control you are used to with gas cooktops. This, if not #1 in importance to me, is a very close second. Another nice feature are kitchen timers which may be built into the cooktop - look for that super convenient feature.


A feature sort of easy to forget, some cooktops have multiple size burners so that either a small or large pot or pan can have full power provided to it. This enables you to choose where your pots are situated best for how you cook – it’s flexibility in terms of your burner size which is quite awesome especially in a pinch.

As you can see, I am absolutely loving my induction cooktop – it’s a valued appliance in my very busy kitchen. Most pots and pans today now work with induction. If yours do not and your “batterie de cuisine” is a joy to use, consider a hybrid cooktop – best of both worlds! Any questions about induction cooktops?

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  1. We already have. We cooked a complete Thanksgiving dinner in the dual ovens, and used all 4 burners of the stove top performed perfectly, including the turkey! We're stoked!

  2. Oh, I know that model and I think it's one of the best types of ranges to get. Enjoy it!!

  3. We purchased an Elctrolux built-in oven/stove top with Induction cooking during a recent remodel of our home. The Inductoin is, as you say, wonderful. Water boils in seconds, complete control of heat and safety are all rreasons we bought this unit. It also has 2 ovens, a regular/convection oven, and a lower oven which can bake as well as warm. Overall, we love the Induction and the convection!


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