Ty Pennington Grilling Event

TV Star Ty Pennington Heats Up Ribfest with Sears

Ty Pennington will join grilling and outdoor living authority, Sears, to heat up one of Chicagoland’s most beloved summer events – Ribfest – Saturday, June 30. Ribfest attendees will experience Sears grilling demonstrations, photos with Pennington, and the chance to win grills and other great prizes. For all your grilling needs, check out the Sears Grilling is Happiness blog, an online community that aims to inspire novice and expert grillers with recipes and advice from some of the top grillers in the country. And to find the grill that’s right for you, check out the Grilling is Happiness grill finder.


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  1. We grill out almost every day, to save electricity as well as keep our house cooler. Last night we tried fresh pineapple slices on the grill for the first time and they became an instant favorite!

  2. I love grilling year round. And now we have passed the tradition on to my newly wedded son. We bought him and his lovely bride the perfect grill as a house warming gift. He loves to grill almost as much as me.

  3. The perfect grill is in use all year long! What are some of the newest things to look for?

  4. Our house has a beautiful west-facing view and our kitchen and dining room get so much sun in the late afternoon that it is like an oven! I need a grill so badly, so that I can cook outside and not on the inside!

  5. I would love to win a new grille from sears to make my own ribs yummy!

  6. A grill would make life easier with keeping the house cooler.

  7. I love to grill all year round and a new Sears Grill would be awesome especially with Summer just around the corner!

  8. Ribfest is awesome! Bring the kids and come out to Naperville for food and fun!

  9. wow could use a new grill!!!

  10. Grilling year round is our thing. I just love standing out in the wintertime while the snow gently falls as I'm grilling up a tri-tip roast or some rib eye steaks for family and friends.

  11. Nothing more enjoyable than a good grilled dinner! Also great when power is out. And of course, the roasting of 50 lbs of chile every Aug & September!


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