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  • 66513939K015 Won't Cycle

  • My dishwasher just stopped working yesterday.. I ran diagnostic today and I got different codes… 4 blinks and 4-1 and 9-1..

    please help
    this dishwasher is year and 4 months since purchase/install .. barely used and filter/tub always kept up.


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  • BTW its Kenmore 66513939K015

    just finished another diagnostic.. 9-1

    Welcome, MagHubad!

    Thanks for posting your question on MySears today. I am sure the Appliance Experts can let you know what the diagnosis is of your dishwasher problems. An Expert will be by shortly with an answer. Once he responds, I will let you know with an email including a link that will direct you back to this thread.


    Hello MagHubad,
    Based on the two error codes, I suspect the diverter valve and motor assembly is finding its position. 9-1 means the DIVERTER Can’t Find Position and 4-1 means a loss of communication with the wash motor.It could have a loose connection in Wash Motor Circuit, Motor Communication Circuit and/or open wash motor. I highly recommend calling a service technician to properly diagnose and repair your dishwasher.
    It could have one of the following issues for a 9-1 code:
    Corroded or loose connection in diverter sensor/motor circuit, or open/shorted sensor/motor.
    1. Check operation in Service Diagnostics Cycle. Listen for CAM clicking as it rotates or inspect shaft with mirror to see if rotating during diverter interval. If rotating, then likely the sensor circuit.
    2. Unplug dishwasher and parts disconnect power and check connections in Diverter Sensor and Motor Circuit with meter.Fix/replace open connections/parts.
    3. Inspect diverter sensor for evidence of water or contaminants. If yes, replace. Mechanical binding of diverter shaft/disc.
    Check operation of diverter motor during diagnostics. Inspect diverter shaft with mirror. If motor appears to be on (vibrates, hums), but you see limited rotation, then replace diverter and seal.
    Open fuse on control to diverter motor. Faulty Diverter Motor Drive Circuit on the control.
    Unplug dishwasher or disconnect power and replace control.
    With this said, I strongly suggest calling a service technician with the training and experience to properly diagnose and repair your dishwasher.

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