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  • Best way to remove grease stains from clothes?

  • I wear an apron 75% of the time that I am cooking, but inevitably, the other 25% of the time I forget I get a stain from olive oil or something when I am cooking. I never know how to get these out! Any green solutions to getting these tough stains out of clothes?

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  • It is not a green solution but before trying to get it out, right away spot spray with hair spray. It is a fixative and will hold it in place. It helps sometimes with spaghetti sauce. Some inks will be stopped from spreading. It depends how fast you get to it. If it is a white or a light color that does not fade, you can try 20 mule team borax and soak it with Tide (the whitening type) They also have simple green. These are a problem if the fabric is the type that runs and is dark. Okay, I see it is ask an expert so maybe I need to leave it up to the expert. The last one maybe the brand Carbona. Blot don’t scrub, and if you must use an appropriate brush to do so.

    You sound like you ARE an expert, For2Day! Thanks for the tips. I would NEVER have thought of hair spray! I will give that a try next time.

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