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  • Call everyday and wait for the callback that never comes.

  • On January 2nd, my craftsman tractor broke. Wouldn’t move anymore. It was only two years old but belt came off. After looking at it I could see something wasn’t right. I called sears home solutions and set apt for the following week. He came and saw instantly that the frame was broke. He said I had just missed the general warranty by one month but the frame was covered by 5 year warranty. He said I will get a replacement tractor. Called someone and left me with some paperwork and instructions to wait for email and follow instructions. I received email and called Sears Customer solutions department. Had no trouble giving my Case # and getting another tractor set up and paid difference in price from what I paid for old tractor. So far, I cant complain. I had been told I get a replacement tractor and by the next day I had a new one ordered to come on the next Tuesday, January 14th. Come January 14th, no tractor delivery. At this point I realize I don’t have any email confirmations or receipts or anything. and the money was not charged to my card. By6pm I called customer solutions again and gave my case # and explained I ordered a tractor on Friday before and never came. she looked it up and said “oh, that order did not go through. It was discovered that you purchased the old tractor from Sears Outlet and so you have to deal with them”. They have my email address. They have my phone #. They have several ways to contact me but didn’t feel it necessary to call me back or tell me in any way that the order wasn’t placed. Just let wait for it and call back. Now I am a little upset that I am without my only source for snow removal and it has been almost 2 weeks. I am disabled and NEED the tractor to snow blow the driveway. I cant afford to have someone else do it and pay them.

    So now I have to start all over again with Sears Outlet. So night of the 14th I called and talked to Jackie. She said she had the email from Sears Customer Solutions and would call someone and call me back. I didn’t really think she would and she didn’t. I have called everyday and talked to Will, Don, Benjamin and Rachael. Every time, “I will call you back after I find out what I have to do” almost the same from each, some a couple times. Friday, I emailed a contact address from Outlet Website page. Complain nothing happening and I disabled and need tractor. receive prompt email back on Saturday to call customer solutions again. I do and she was very pleasant and after placing me on hold for a few minutes to read my file she comes back to say she was going to contact Sears Outlet store and explain and then connect me to them. I talk to Benjamin and we discuss how I can find my same model tractor for about the same price at other outlet store because they only have two tractors that are far bigger than I need at a cost of $2000. He said he will call someone and see how to proceed. I purposefully wait through Sunday and then Monday because of the Holiday Monday. No call back. I called this morning and spoke to Rachael who apologized but she just returned from time off and she would talk to some of the others because she knew they were working on it and call me back. After my distrust she said I WILL call you back. It is now nearly 7pm. NO CALL BACK. Again, I have been trying since January 2nd to get helped out. After being approved for replacement, I have had no help. I am disabled, need a tractor, and with fixed income cant afford to spend another $1000 after my replacement amount for one of their tractors. But they haven’t even said anything about even doing that! Only I will call you back. But of course, No one does.
    Alfred Boucher
    Case # 2064437

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  • Hi there, aboucherjr! I am so sorry to hear of the troubles you are having getting in touch with the team for your tractor repair. I have sent this along to SearsCares to ensure someone follows up with you ASAP.


    Hi aboucherjr,

    Thank you for taking time to post about your repeated attempts to complete your tractor replacement process. From the detailed account you’ve provided we can see how you are disappointed and disheartened that the matter is not yet resolved. My name is Brian and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. I am taking this moment to reach out to you to offer our assistance. We apologize for how this situation has been handled thus far and we would like to connect you with a dedicated case manager who will work closely with our business partners concerning your tractor replacement inquiry. Please send the following information – your contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name I have created for you (aboucherjr), to reference your post to and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. Thank you again for taking time to post about your recent member services experiences. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Thank you,

    Brian R.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

    Thank you for the assistance. I will post any changes in my issue here as they may happen.

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