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  • So today I decided to purchase a snowblower. I looked at Consumer Reports, and one of the models they recommended was a Craftsman. I looked online at and hey, it’s on sale! Great. It appears I have to buy it online for the discount, and if I use a Sears card I can get another 5% off. So, long story short, I put the item in the cart. No link to apply for a card. Went back to the home page, and used the link from there. Card was approved, clicked on the “Shop Now” link on the approval page (after saving the card number), and it sent me back to (and my item was still in the cart). Unfortunately, there is NO WAY TO USE THE NEW CARD FOR THE PURCHASE. I called card services – no help. They sent me to – no help. The ONLY way to make the purchase, so I was informed, is to GO TO THE STORE, BUY A GIFT CARD FOR THE EXACT AMOUNT, THEN GO HOME AND ORDER IT ONLINE. Chance that I’m going to do that? ZERO. Chance that I’ll ever use this card? ZERO. If I wanted to ensure the failure of a company I owned, I would operate just the same way as Sears. I would think that Sears would actually like to sell products, however.

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  • Hi there, cbowen! Thanks for posting on MySears! I am so sorry that you had such difficulty buying that snowblower today. I am going to pass your complaint on to SearsCares, who will do what they can to help you place that order.

    A team member will be by shortly requesting that you directly contact them via a provided email. Once they respond, I’ll reach out to you via email with a link directing you back to this page.


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