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  • Delivered to wrong address want me to drive there to correct their mistake.

  • Ordered a product online for the first time since moving 5 months ago. Went online to see why it still hadn’t been delivered and to my surprise saw it was delivered to my old address! Numerous calls and emails to Sears customer service resulted in them telling me the only solution is I drive to my old home and ask for my package. Really Sears that’s it? Curiously I am also to blame according to them for the address mix up. Trying to see how when the bill and my account both show the correct address since I triple checked or more prior to me submitting the order, just not the shipping address according to them. The days of customers being in the right is long gone I see. The days of me being a die hard sears/craftsman brand guy following the family tradition are coming to a close if this cant be fixed. Short of filing a complaint with the better business bureau here shortly I am at a loss from this. Sears cant own up to a $85 mistake? Being courteous on the phone polite and professional apparently does no good in this world anymore.

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  • Hi there, rfire20! Thanks for posting on the MySears Community today. I am sorry to hear about this mix up with your order delivery. We can have the SearsCares team follow up with you to discuss your options.

    A team member will be by shortly requesting a bit more information. Once they respond, I will notify you via email with a link directing you back to this thread.

    Keep us posted!



    Thank you for the feedback regarding your recent online shopping experience. My name is Jack and I am with the Sears Cares Escalations Team. We’re very sorry for the issues that you have had with the delivery of your order due to the incorrect shipping address. We would like to have a case manager contact you to discuss this with you in greater detail in order to determine how best to resolve this issue for you. If you would like to speak to us about this, please email the following information – your contact phone number, screen name (Rfire20), and phone number used at the time of purchase to Again we’re sorry for any trouble this may have caused and we look forward to speaking to you soon.
    Thank you,

    Jack C.
    MySears Community Moderator

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