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  • Horrible customer service with delivery disappointments

  • I’m not sure if I am more upset by the lack of customer service from my recent Sears purchase, or the inability for the customer service agents to understand how to resolve the situation.

    My husband purchased a washer and dryer and paid $140 for delivery and hook up. The delivery was scheduled for 12/31/13, and we were supposed to be notified of a time the night before. On 12/31 the delivery was made without a confirmation call during the 15 minutes my husband was out. He informed the delivery crew that he had not been called, and would be there in less than 10 minutes. They did not wait, and instead just dropped off the washer and dryer in the middle of our garage, blocking us from being able to pull our cars inside. When my husband got home he saw the merchandise just sitting there, and was upset.

    A call was made to customer service and they rescheduled the installation for today 01/03/14 between 9-11:00 am. After the previous experience, my husband stayed home from work as to not miss our precious window of opportunity, and yet Sears failed again. No one showed up, no one called us to reschedule. Another call was placed to customer service. We were informed that Sears cancelled all deliveries and installations due to weather, yet no one notified us of this. My husband has now missed two half days Of work waiting and we are still without the hook up of our washer and dryer.

    We have been shuffled to an installation date of 01/06/14 a full week later than originally promised. We are out a full days pay from missed employment, $140 paid for the hook up, and charges from our local laundromat, as we are a family of 9 without the use of our washer and dryer.

    I’m not convinced that anything will improve on Monday based on the track record so far. I would like to have our delivery and hook up fee refunded for our time and trouble, customer service could not do that. They offered us a 10% off coupon for a future purchase which is a joke. I can guarantee this will be our last purchase from Sears, making any coupon worthless. When you repeatedly fail to satisfy the paying customers, the paying customers shop elsewhere.

    I am documenting this saga in an open letter to the corporate customer relations team at Sears, in the hopes that they can use this as an example of how not to treat customers.

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  • Hi there, Akcmachine! Thanks for posting on our forums today. I responded to your original question on our Q&A board looking to help.

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