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  • It’s all over the news how horrible your customer service is and how terrible your stores look. I am the wife of an employee of your company. My dad passed away and my husband was told that he only gets 1 day for berievement. My husband has been working for you pityfull company for almost 7 years with 2 weeks vacation, 4 personal days and 0 sick time. He was told that since my dad did not live in our house he is only entitled to 1 day. You absolutely have no family values and don’t care about your employees at all. It’s no wonder your company is falling apart. After all your years in business, don’t you know that happy employees is what makes a company great! Well thank you Sears for not giving my husband the opportunity to grieve with me and to help me get my Dad’s affairs in order. Boo Whoo on you :-( I’ll look foward to seeing you fall!

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  • Hi there, pamperedpawspet! Please accept my condolences for your loss. For any employment procedure and policy complaints, please contact Human Resources at 888-887-3277.


    pamperedpawspet You have a real good valid point,But as an employee of SHC/Kmart I belive its the individual stores that treat the associates so terrible by that I mean management team. I feel for you and yours I know how that goes and I’m sorry. corporate doesn’t seem to want to listen to associates as they say they do. I work in the Wellsville store in NY #7677, its impossible to get a promotion in that store unless you are male and under 25 years old and have a minimum of 4 months experience for any position in the store and I’m sure your husband has seen this going on? I have only 3 years but 5X’s more qualified that the high school kids for the full time positions they hold because of the back office dealings.

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