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  • How do you listen to music?

  • Do you use a digital streaming service like Pandora or Spotify? Do you pay for the service or is it free? I am trying to figure out the best way to stream music onto my iPhone. Was hoping not to have to pay a monthly fee, but I don’t know what the real difference is between paying or the free service. Anyone try both?

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  • I actually use iHeartRadio and love it! It’s a free app or you can go to their website. Try it and let me know what you think!

    I listen to music on Pandora on my phone, especially when I’m working out or in the zone at work. I also listen to music when I am in a car, but that’s rare since I don’t have one. :-)

    During business hours, I like to run my playlists or Spotify from my iPad through some Logitech speakers at a low volume. It keeps me from tuning out completely and I can mute it with on keystroke. Also, people like to talk about the songs that are playing when they enter my office, which is a nice mental break in the day. While walking and commuting, I use headphones and my iPhone to listen to iTunes music I have collected over the years. In the car I like Sirus stations. At home, its iPhones through a Bose dock or when we get serious its vinyl on a hi fi from the early 60′s. At home, when the opportunity arises, we like the ritual of vinyl the best as the fidelity is such a different listening experience. I know every pop and skip on the albums that they have become part of the songs themselves in some instances. And, of course, Chicago offers a bunch of live performances which is always the best way to listen to music.

    Live365 was my online music box for quite sometime. For iPhone there’s an app you can download “Live365 Radio” and this provides free streaming. I know you’re not looking to pay monthly for music, but it definitely has its benefits when you decide to move in that direction. With some of the free music streams out there you’re restricted on skipping songs you don’t want to hear. You can only skip twice before you’re alerted you get only 3 skips per day. This would annoy me after sometime, and then there were the commercials/ads I had to listen to. I went back to paying for iTunes music downloads at $0.99 then up to $1.29. Never sampled Pandora or Spotify before getting a Win8 phone and opt in to the XBox music. So for me $9.99 per month is better than the $1.29 per song I was paying via iTunes and unlike free streaming I now get to search and select any song I want, new or oldie, and even have the option to download from my phone for playback later. What really did it for me was when I lost $$$ worth of iTunes music that I was never able/allowed to recover eventhough I had emailed receipts of my purchases. So at least with XBox streaming I always have access to my music.

    I really like Spotify. To me, it’s worth the money I pay each month to be able to listen to basically any song I want to at any time. I listen to it a lot in the car and also at my desk at work through the Spotify desktop. I like Pandora, but I also like to pick my songs, so I go back and forth sometimes. If I’m in the mood to hear something new, I’ll put Pandora on- I’ve discovered several new bands this way. I also go old-school with vinyl- I have a massive collection I started back in the 80′s when I was younger.

    I still listen to CD’s but many times I listen to iPod and digital music because its easy it takes up very little space.

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