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  • I want a refund broken stove after 5 months

  • in June of this year I purchased a stove and a frige from your Huntington Mall location. Two days ago my Matag rang stoped working. I called Sears locally but was transferd to a call center. the service call center informed me that the soonest they could have my stove fixed was Dec 6 over 10 days. I informed them this was not ok. I have family coming in from out of state for Thanksgiving and I have purchased $200 worth of food, I needed it repaired or replaced before then. the service employee said that they would contact the store and talk to a manager about having the item “swaped out” I waited on hold for 20 min to be transfered to a sales employee in applicances not a manager and she had no idea that I was just on with services or what my problem was. I explaind everything again and was placed back on hold but this time told that she had all my information and was passing me to a manager. after being on hold for 15 min a manager named Terrie picked up but said he could not hear me so put me on hold again. after 10 minutes an employee answeared saying “warehouse” I laughed and said wow I was holding for terrie. He told me well bud dont know why your onhold back hear and hung up. I recived a call from terrie about 1 minute later. I explained everything once again and was told he would send an email to the service manager and will tell me if they can repair my stove before thanksgiving and that he would call me either that night or Tuesday morning at the latest. Now its 2:30 pm on tueasday the 26th and I never recived a call from asm Terrie. I contacted the store left a message with the call center to have him call me and called the store directly 4 times left a message on the store answearing service and recived a call from a operations manager. She asked me what was going on and once again had to explain everything. She informed me that Terrie was off today. I explaind once again that He told me he would call no later then this morning and no call. She informed me that she would take down my information and get back to me sometime. ?? I informed her that I needed toknow what was going on I had family coming in from oregon and we were hosting thanksgiving I needed to tell them in advance if we had to call it off. I cant aford to eat out for 10 days and now waisted thanksgiving dinner. I recived a call back at 2:50pm from Meachale the ops manager informing me that now I must call service back and set up a date for service and she sent the service manager an email again but hasnt had a responce but that terrie should have had me call service the other day and set up a service date. She said that she still doesnt know what or if they can get my stove fixed before the Holiday. I dont understand why she would have called service for me instead of making me make anothe call and be put on hold again and explain it all over once more. Now I contacted service and the soonest they will be out is DEC 12TH ARE YOU JOKING ME!!!!!! I Just want my refund and I will buy another stove else where I bought this range brand new and a frig the same day and now only 5 months ago and what a time to go out not only will this ruin the holliday but the service I have recived from your company is unbelivable poor. I wish I had not done business with Sears my last stove was purchased with Lowes and when I had an issue they offered to fix it within 5 days or replace it and that was after my warranty. I didnt even ask for those things I jus was talking to a manage at lowes and told them my stove just whent out and it was 4 days over the warranty and he offerd that up. Now that is customer service this is far from that. Not only am I out a stove but it will cost me money I will have to buy a microwave and eat out when I dont want to do either, thanks for the headache and extra costs durring the holidays. Also I will be FaceBooking this and contacting my Aunt who has a popular blog that would love to post this type thing.

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  • Welcome, mr.stewart369! I am glad you found us here at the MySears Community today. I am truly sorry you are having a difficult time getting your stove repaired in a timely manner. I am going to send this on to SearsCares, the customer service escalation team, who will do what they can to get this resolved for you.

    A team member will be by shortly requesting that you directly connect with them. Once you do, you will be assigned a case manager who will ensure you range is repaired to your satisfaction. I will let you know via email once a response is posted so you can be in touch ASAP.


    Dear mr.stewart369,

    We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience surrounding the repair on your stove. It’s clear that we have caused some unneeded frustrations and failed to meet the many expectations that were set. We would like to speak with you to make sure that everything that can be done is being done to assist you with this matter. At your convenience, please send the following information – contact #, screen name (mr.stewart369), phone # used at time of purchase to and a member from our team will reach out to you directly. We look forward to this opportunity!

    Thank you,
    Misty H.
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