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  • Kenmore dishwasher not running right

  • Our Kenmore 587-1525 or 587-1625 is not working. It comes on and seems to run, but doesn’t really go through the cycles. The dishes are just as dirty when it’s done as when you start it. I noticed that the gasket at the back of the top rack has totally deteriorated. Could this be the problem?? Should I order a new gasket and try that before I do anything else. The motor runs, and water comes into the bottom of the tub, but that seems to be about all.

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  • Welcome, Steen!

    Thanks for your question today! One of the Appliance Expert can let you know what your next step is with your dishwasher repair. He will post here in just a bit. Once he does, I will reach out to you via email that will include a link back to this thread so you can view it.

    Keep us posted on how things go!


    Hello, thanks for the information about your dishwasher. Based on your description of the operation at this time, it sounds as if the motor is not operating. This would be a major repair and require a technician. This is based on your information of water getting into the wash tub which is the most important functions; once water has entered the motor must circulate to wash dishes.
    I recommend calling for a technician to inspect your dishwasher.

    Thanks Ron H.

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