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  • I have a Sears Kenmore Model 56532400 Side by side refrigerator. The ice maker has stopped working. It is seven years old. The light inside the freezer section is off. It will not turn on. The light I mean signaling the ice maker is working. The power went off on the entire refrigerator a few weeks ago. It blew the circuit breaker. Please call me at ***-***-**** if you know what may be wrong with the thing. 12-15-2012>

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  • Hi louis_hester,

    Welcome to the MySears Community!

    I would be happy to escalate this issue to our Sears Appliance Experts to see if they can help with these issues.

    Please know we will be reaching out via email once one of our Experts responds to direct you back for contact.

    Thank you!

    Please note that your personal information has been removed to protect your privacy and security.


    Thank you for your question. IF the light is not flashing then first push is on the freezer door switch and see if the LED light begins to flash at 1 second intervals. If no LED light then next hold the flapper door shut on the Emitter module. With the door switch NOT pushed in the LED light should be on steady. If there is still no light then likely the emitter board will need to be replaced and I would suggest a technician check and repair the problem.

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