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  • There are tons of health benefits of laughter that most of the masses are unaware off. You can never feel stress when you laugh deeply. Science has proven that laughter positively affects several organs in human body. As a matter of fact, laughter can help the lowering down of blood pressure and it is also regarded good for heart. When you laugh, a hormone name endorphins which are also known as happy hormones is created in your body. These hormones can come in handy when it comes reducing pain, therefore, it is believed that laughter supports or improvises the immune system of the human body.
    Today, you can observe several people signing up for humor or laughter therapy. As a result, you also have thousands of laughter clubs or yoga centers that offer such therapies. Considering this fact, one could say rightly that laughter therapy is becoming more and more popular with time. When you are planning to practice laughter for influencing your health positively, it is not required that you join any of these laughter clubs or yoga centers, you also have the option of practicing laughter from home. Laughter is regarded as good for several types of muscles in the body ranging from abdomen to facial muscles. Laughter is also regarded as an effective means to increase your social connections; you could also consider improving the existing relation bonds with laughter.
    For practicing laughter at home, you can start by getting assistance from sources like laughter training DVDs or related books.

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  • ((Tiffanymadison37))! I am really going to miss Jay Leno at night, his monologue always makes me laugh. Wonder what the additional benefit of hugging while laughing brings? :)

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