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  • Manager Steals and I get fired…no HR email or phone

  • As you may know I was let go today, I was a CSA at Sear’s Auto-Center Store 6059. I worked for the new Manager Todd M. Yesterday, I found out that he was making the Techs of the store take the scrap metal from the vehicles that we preformed services on to the scrap yard and then he would put the money in his pocket. I was under the assumption that this scrap metal was the property of Sears. So, I addressed Todd about this issue and was met with hostility and I told him that I felt like it was wrong and unethical for him to take the money from the store. He responded by telling me to go scrub the tiles on the floor in order to get me out of his office. I told him that I wouldn’t do that while there were customers in store. I continued my duties as a CSA and made twice the sales as any other CSA that day and I asked Todd to schedule me to work later so that I could get the floor done. So I gullibly thought this issue was behind us. I just preferred to make Sales during business hours and would clean the area if he could schedule me a bit later to get the job done during closing. So I went into work today and was called into the office with Todd and the Head of Security from the main branch of the store, I believe his name is David. Todd told me that we were going to have a one-sided discussion and that he would be doing all of the talking. He began to tell me that I was racist, that I flirted with customers, that I was very disrespectful to other managers, and that I lied to customers. As far as I know I have not been reported for anything of this nature and have had no complains from customers about my behavior being in any way inappropriate. He told me that he has discussed the issue of my refusal to clean the floor with other managers and their recommendation was to let me go. He also told me that I was needing to change my ethics, show more integrity and be a team player. I felt stunned and offended at this one sided discussion because it was only the day before that  I had learned of what in my opinion would be considered store theft by a manager of any ethical standing. He finished this discussion by throwing some towels and a bottle of cleaner on to the desk and pointed at them. Todd then told me that its this or the door. I didn’t argue or do anything but tell him that I would have to pick the door. I felt that I was being forced to comply with theft and the floor was just an excuse to get rid of me. I just couldn’t stay at a job were the manager is in my opinion stealing from the company and wanted to force me to be a team member that would turn his head when things were being stolen. I am grateful for the opportunity that Sears provided me and my family and  I feel that I have learn a lot from my time as a CSA. I wish however  that my employment would have lasted longer than it did. I really enjoyed the job at Sears and working with the people employed with me. We were a great team.

    Thank you for your time,
    Timothy S.
    Former CSA at Sears Auto-Center Store 6059

    I would also like you to know that I will be sending this to HR as well.

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  • Hi Timothy!

    We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us.

    Please do inform HR on this issue for it falls under the SHC Code of Conduct.

    Note: I have also removed personal information for security purposes for this is a public website.

    Thank you!

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