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  • Most inept customer service ever?

  • Here is the story:

    My 80-something year old parents still have a manual garage door. I eventually convince them that it might be nice to have a garage door opener to let the dog out in the middle of the night (did I mention this is northern Minnesota) and arrange for the purchase as a Christmas present.

    I buy a garage door opener on-line (and pick it up) from the local Sears store on 12/20/13. The on-line ordering process works slick – I order on-line in the afternoon and picked it up at the local Sears about 3 hours later. Kudos Sears!

    I then use the Sears Home Services on-line website to arrange for an installation of the opener on 12/26/13 (service appointment #pzZF4zn). $140 for service – OK with me. My parents live ~250 miles from me, but be I’ll there during the holidays and can supervise the install. Shouldn’t be a problem, right?

    What happened:

    -Sears Home Services is supposed to schedule an appointment before the installation, but they don’t call (or show up on 12/26/13) to install the garage door opener. Not a huge deal.

    -A call to Sears Home Services on-line scheduling says the reason they didn’t schedule was that they meant to ask for payment before service, but didn’t. I can understand that, but why didn’t they call instead of failing to show up? Payment made via credit card on 12/26/13 ($147.55). Installation scheduled 12/28/13.

    -Sears Home Services promises to show up on 12/28/13 in northern MN. Doesn’t. Installer actually shows up at my house in southern MN at 4PM – 250 miles away from my parents’ address. My home address is not on the order, but have used Sears services in the past.

    -12/31/13: Call to Sears Home Services says they made a mistake. They can straighten it all out, just need to cancel the first order and schedule another installation order (just pay another $147.56). Paperwork requires a new debit before the credit. Installation is scheduled on 1/3/14 (after the Polar Vortex). I agree.

    -1/3/14: Sears Home Services calls to say they can’t do the installation. No contractors in the area. Will refund both payments.

    Seriously guys, why didn’t you tell me that you couldn’t provide any services three weeks (and nearly $300) ago?

    -1/10/14: Refund for second payment arrives ($147.55 for a $147.56 payment). Not a huge deal, but the $0.01 difference makes me think their paper-work is messed up.

    -1/15/14: Escalated call (with 20 minutes on hold) to Sears Home Services regarding the first refund acknowledges that it should be coming along in 10-15 business days.

    The upshot: I tried to get a garage door opener installed for my 80 YO parents. Not only could Sears (despite their multiple claims) not follow through on two promised installations, I ended up loaning Sears Home Services $300 for a couple weeks.

    Let me know when I can get the last $150 back.


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  • Hi there, jelwell! Thanks for sharing your experience with us today. I am sorry to hear about this frustrating time you had trying to get that garage door opener installed. I have forwarded your concerns regarding this and your refund on to the SearsCares team, who will be by in a bit looking to help.

    Once a response is posted, I’ll let you know via an email which will include a link to direct you back to this thread.

    Keep us posted on the resolution of your case!


    Hi jelwell,

    We certainly appreciate you taking time to make us aware of the happenings surrounding your parent’s garage door opener installation which turned out to be a confusing and disappointing experience. We realize in several areas we have let you down in your effort to provide a nice gift for your parents. My name is Brian and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. Having read your post I would like to take this opportunity to offer our assistance. We would be happy to provide further assistance concerning these matters. At your earliest convenience, please send your address, phone number used at the time of purchase with your screen name (jelwell) and a good contact phone number to and a case manager will contact you directly. Again, we appreciate you taking time to post your concerns; we look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Brian R.
    MySears Community Moderator


    I acknowledge the rapid reaction from the customer response team and have emailed the information you requested.

    I don’t, however, agree with your characterization of my experience as merely “confusing and disappointing” and find it a bit insulting. It was more like “deceived and misdirected”. To be blunt:

    1. I scheduled, and paid for, an installation with Sears Home Services twice. One appointment made on-line, one confirmed on a phone call.
    2. First appointment didn’t show or call. Second appointment required another full payment (first one will be refunded, they promised). Second appointment calls to confirm the address the day before the scheduled installation, then shows up at an address 250 miles away (I still have the voice mail saved confirming the correct address).
    3. After a complaint, Sears Home Services calls and regrets to inform me that they can’t provide services in that area. Didn’t they know that to begin with?
    4. One reimbursement has been made, the other seems to be in limbo.

    I paid money (twice!) to Sears Home Services with the expectation of receiving services, didn’t receive them and apparently was sold these services despite the fact they weren’t even available in the area in the first place. Now I’m spending lots of time on hold trying to get back the money I paid for services that weren’t ever provided.

    I’m not “confused and disappointed”. I’m pissed off.

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