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  • PlayStation 3 vs. PlayStation 4

  • Hi Barb,

    What are your thoughts on the difference between these two game stations?

    My son is all gung-ho in purchasing the 4th once it is made available.

    Is it worth upgrading and if so, what do you think will the difference between them? Just the Graphics?

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this one!

    Thank you!

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  • The new Playstation 4 is a more powerful machine that will have better graphics and play more complicated games than the Playstation 3. That being said, here are both sides of the question to whether or not to upgrade…

    It is understandable that a teenage son would want the PS4 right away. The new system will add a number of social, online community playing features including allowing another player to watch and comment (“live streaming”) on the game you are playing, sharing video clips of the awesome battle you just won, and more. And sharing will be as simple as pressing a button on the game controller. If your son’s friends (in the real or online worlds) are playing games, he will undoubtedly want to play with them. It’s like they are all in the same room together.

    On the other side, Playstation 3 games will not play on the Playstation 4. The investment made in many games can get costly when upgrading to online versions for the PS4. Then again, some gamers, like my son, play a game and then want the new version that they purchase by trading in the old game and they don’t own a lot of old games. Either way, as with all video game systems, there will be new exciting versions that look better and do more than ever before.

    There are promises for more functionality that is possible with the more powerful processors of the Playstation 4. We don’t know what those new features are for sure as they won’t be available at launch. At some point, probably this year, you’ll want to upgrade. The decision can be made based on whether the social aspects are important enough to do it now.

    My husband is obsessed with getting the new playstation when it comes out. I did not realize the PS3 games won’t play on the PS4. That seems like a big issue for us as my husband has a number of games he likes to play on his PS3. I will have to mention this to him, thanks for the great info Barb!

    I am also wondering if my son realizes that he will not be able to play his PS3 games on this unit when he purchases it.

    But knowing my son, he will probably keep both units and continue to buy and trade games as he plays them.

    Thank you for this most helpful information Barb!

    Now I need to see if I can talk him out of it!

    By the way…

    The Playstation 3 games that are coming out this November will be upgradeable for $10…For other games, there will probably be a discounted upgrade price so the games can be downloaded to the new Playstation 4. Still, with several games, that could be an investment.

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