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  • We are breaking down this holiday season and replacing our Wii. My boys are 8 and 11, and have enjoyed the Wii, but my 11 year old, especially, says it is for the younger set. Soooo…now we need to decide on the Playstation or Xbox. Not sure which is best for them-or us! Here is what we will use the system for:

    • Streaming Netflix
    • Maybe watching YouTube-just hooked up the ChromeCast recently and I think we will use it more and more
    • Boys games-they primarily play the EA sports video games-FIFA, Madden, etc…This MAY change in the future. We will see if I give in to Halo and games like that. :)

    We would like a system that lasts at least a few years. I think we have had this Wii for almost 4 years, and that seems like a good amount of time to get our money’s worth.

    Love to hear some advice on this one!

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  • Yes, there comes a time in every child’s life when they want to leave behind the Wii for the “big boy” games. Both Xbox and Playstation will have new gaming consoles released in November—the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. While you can’t go wrong with either console, I lean towards the Xbox One. It has the Kinect camera that can see the player’s movement in the room and puts them into the game. Standing up and moving around might just promote a little more exercise rather than sitting on the couch. I’ve been using the Xbox for my daily exercise! The new Kinect can even take your heart rate during workout video games! Another benefit of the Kinect is that it can be used to gesture control the Xbox by swiping your hand in the air to move through menus. It also makes voice control possible so when you are watching Netflix, ESPN live, or the dozens of other streaming video and music choices, you can say “Pause Video” and other commands that control playback without ever touching a remote. To stream from Netflix and other services to the Xbox requires an Xbox Live “Gold” membership that runs $10 a month or $60 per year. That is in addition to any subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, etc. If you don’t want to pay the extra subscription, and don’t care about the Kinect (really?) then the PS4 is also an excellent choice and a great “Gamer’s” machine. By the way, when my son was young, I made him explain how a violent video game wasn’t like the real world (i.e., you should never break the law, treat women badly, steal, or hurt anyone) and when I knew he understood the difference, I let him play the game.

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