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  • Walking Dead – Returns Oct 13

  • YES!

    This is one of my favorite shows to watch and have converted many family and friends into watching too.

    However, not to happy on a few of the members passing, but really looking forward to seeing what this season will bring!

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  • Im super excited as well. I love this show!

    Did anyone watch the first episode?

    What did you think? I think it was pretty calm before the storm blows in!

    Everyone was way to calm and at ease!

    I did however like seeing that Rick was showing more emotions this time round and my hope is that they do not kill off anymore good roles, especially Daryl!


    That’s what I love about this show. The tough moral questions and the fact that no one is truly safe.

    It’ll be interesting to see where the story goes.

    You are so right TeamPlaya!

    What are your thoughts on the “flu-like virus”?

    Do you think that the meds will help?

    What do you think caused it?

    What did you think about the episode with The Governor?

    Oh wow! I was not expecting that at all! I loved how they had portrayed the Governor as a changed man, or some what and it makes me wonder how he might have turned out if he had not ran into his old buddies. Hmmm… to late now!

    I do have to admit on the finale episode though, was a little teary eyed to see Herschel leave! Did you watch the “Talking Dead” afterwards?

    I think this year has been the best by far!

    Sooo looking forward to what the New Year brings!:-)

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