10 Physical Benefits of Yoga for the Body

10 Physical Benefits of Yoga for the Body

Do you believe won’t get any physical benefit from the poses, breathing techniques and meditative practices of yoga because you’re unfit or inflexible. In truth, yoga can help encourage them to bring your body, mind and spirit into balance. Here are 10 valuable physical benefits of yoga.

Everlast® Bootleg PantBecome more flexible

Yoga poses exercise and stretch your muscles and tendons. Just start slow. A yoga class is almost always a judgment-free zone, and a good instructor will instruct you to only do poses you can execute without pain or injury. Over time, your flexibility will improve dramatically and you’ll experience less lactic acid buildup in your muscles. That’s good for you because lactic acid concentration contributes to stiffness, soreness and fatigue.

Achieve better balance

Many poses, such as the most-basic tree pose, are designed to align your muscles and joints and bring your body into physical balance. Master those poses, and you’ll find it easier to maintain your balance while doing just about any activity.

Strengthen your muscles

A large number of professional athletes incorporate yoga into their training regimens because the poses strengthen core muscles. Significant increases in muscle strength can sometimes come even more quickly for beginners than more physically fit people.

Improve your posture

Correctly performing most yoga poses requires keeping your spine straight, back level and head up. These aspects can transfer to your everyday posture and give you a more confident, healthy appearance.

Reduce your back pain

Standing and sitting up straighter often helps relieve back pain by taking stress off vertebrae and supporting muscles. One physical rehabilitation study found that people who practiced yoga for 12 weeks experienced greater reduction in back pain than those who performed traditional exercises over the same time period.

Increase your pain tolerance

Pain tolerance is also said to be greater among those who practice yoga regularly. If you’re an expectant mother, you may enjoy great pain tolerance benefit from prenatal yoga classes.

Digital Blood Pressure MonitorLower your blood pressure

Doing yoga a few times a week and eating healthier can lower your blood pressure more than just changing your diet. Another recently discovered benefit from yoga is the reduction of triglycerides in your blood. And high triglyceride levels have been associated with heart disease.

Breathe easier

Learning to control your breathing is key to all forms of yoga. Deep breathing can increase lung capacity, and regulating your inhale-exhale cycle allows your respiratory system to function more optimally.

Boost your immune system

Posing, breathing and meditating increase the effectiveness of the cells and organs that make up the lymph system. This helps your body fight off germs more effectively and clear toxins from your body more rapidly.

Prevent and manage chronic diseases

Researchers have found that regular yoga practice, combined with other treatments and lifestyle changes, can reduce the signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, menopause, attention deficit disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.


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  1. This has been quite a challenge with my chronic pain, but little by little Yoga has been helping in area's I did not even think possible. It has been a wonderful experience and really wish we had classes nearby to learn more.


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