10 Ways to Stay Excited About Your Workout Routine

10 Ways to Stay Excited About Your Workout Routine

Boredom can kill your commitment to even the best workout routines for losing weight, gaining strength and getting fit. When workouts become too predictable, you can find yourself dreading your next walk, jog or trip to the gym. Follow these tips to break up the routineness of working out and to renew your excitement about exercising.

Take a class

Working out by yourself can get boring pretty quickly. Head to a nearby gym and register for an exercise class. Enjoy camaraderie while getting fit.

Have a ball with a rec league

There’s nothing like the thrill of competition for putting some excitement back into working out. Join a local sports league and compete against others of similar ages and abilities. No matter your sport, chances are you can find other competitors without going too far from home.

BIGGEST LOSER FITNESSSign up for a weight loss challenge

Shows like The Biggest Loser are popular because they provide both entertainment and inspiration. Join a local group staging a weight loss challenge. The support and successes of other competitors can help keep you motivated.

Time yourself

Keep one eye on your watch and the other on the treadmill. Strive for a faster mile each time you work out. Whether you run or walk, improving your time helps you get fit faster. Engage in the same incremental goal-setting when doing other kinds of exercise.

Focus on how good reaching your ultimate goal will feel

When you start feeling burned out or reach a plateau, just think about how good you will feel once you achieve the final goal you set for losing weight, running a certain distance in a certain time or lifting a certain amount. Focusing on long-term success is one of the best ways to stay motivated to work out.

Start doing something new

Changing up your workout routine is a great way to avoid burnout and reach your fitness goals. If you primarily attend aerobics and dance classes, do some weightlifting. Adding new types of exercise to your routine allows you to challenge yourself while working whole new sets of muscles.

Experiment with spot training

Spend one day doing exercises for a single part of your body, like your upper arms or calves. Losing significant weight or gaining large amounts of muscle in a single location without working all your muscles isn’t possible, but occasional spot training is a great way to keep yourself motivated because it feels like you’re getting results right away.

ipodChange your tunes

Adding new songs to the music you enjoy during your workout is a great way to maintain motivation and have more fun. Put together several different playlists that include your favorite up-tempo songs and cue them up to match your mood as you exercise.

Buy new workout clothes

You don’t have to wait until you reach your target weight to buy yourself a new tracksuit or pair of yoga pants. You deserve to treat yourself to a new outfit or two after putting in all that hard work.

Play with your kids

Doing something as simple as throwing a ball around the backyard with your children can help you get fit while having fun as a family. Instead of hitting the gym one day, join the kids for a game of touch football, challenge them to some hoops or just run around the yard playing tag.


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