3 Interval Workouts that Burn Fat

Weight-lossYou know that cardio is the key to weight loss, but after a while, your go-to cardio routine won’t deliver the same results as before. Because your body adapts to your workout routine and tries to perform the routine more efficiently, that half-hour treadmill routine becomes easier over time. Sure, your run still does wonders for heart health but it won’t help you slim down. To continue to see a lifestyle change, throw in one or two high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts into your week. These three workouts are easy to get started with and can be adapted to your routine.

Fartlek Run

A fartlek or interval run combines endurance with short bursts of speed that deliver the needed intensity to deliver weight loss. If you normally do a half-hour run, start with 10 minutes of running to warm up as usual. Sprint for 30 seconds, then let your heart rate calm down for one to two full minutes. Perform a total of 4 to 8 reps of sprinting and recovering to get that intensity interval boost. Fartleks boost your fatigue resistance at early phases in the running cycle, so they can help you train for longer runs. They’re also great for helping you train for speed.

Woman-running-on-treadmillLadder Drill Run

With a ladder run, you work up to a hard run for a given amount of time, then work back down. Run at normal pace for one minute, then run hard for one minute. Run at normal pace for two minutes, then run hard for two minutes. Work like this up to your preferred interval, such as 5 minutes each of an easy and hard pace, then go back down the ladder all the way to one minute hard and easy to finish. This is a good way to increase your endurance slowly, whether you’re a beginning or veteran runner.

Tempo Run

Once you’ve mastered these other high interval workouts, try the Tempo. Warm up for 10 minutes, then run at a fast pace for 10 to 15 minutes. Competitor.com recommends running at lactate pace, which is the fastest pace that an average runner can maintain for 15-20 minutes. The pace should be difficult, but not so much that you can’t maintain it. Cool down with another 10 minutes of running at your warm-up pace. If you’re training for a marathon, there’s a variation of the tempo run called the marathon run. It’s useful to practice this run in the final weeks of marathon training. Run two miles at your regular pace then complete a half marathon (13.1 miles) at your expected marathon pace. Tempo runs are the perfect way to improve your stamina for timed runs.

Woman-running-on-treadmillComplete these workouts on the road or on a treadmill at the gym and modify the running times to meet your cardio goals. Fitness.com offers tips for adapting different jogging speeds to treadmill settings for maximum running efficiency. By working these HIIT routines into your cardio workouts, you’ll notice strength and speed benefits in addition to increased weight loss.

These are only some of the ways that you can increase workout intensity, so use these workouts as a boot camp to change your routine. Continue to adapt your fitness routine to meet your goals, from weight loss to increased endurance. You’ll become a better runner overall and a more fit person.

-Holly Hammond


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