5 bike accessories for your next biking adventure

by Barb Hopkins

Thirty minutes of physical activity a day can help you maintain a healthy weight, lower your blood pressure and simply make you feel better. Before you take off on your next biking adventure, why not consider making your biking activities more fun and safe with one of these five great bike accessories.

bike water bottle holderWater bottle cage

Hydration is essential before, during and after any type of exercise. A bottle holder or cage keeps your water bottle secure and easy to access during your ride. It’s one of the most important biking accessories for an outing. Consider the M-Wave bottle cage; it has a secure fit and weighs only 54 grams.

IBERA phone casePhone case

It’s easy to use a smart phone’s GPS app when the phone is secured to your bicycle with an IBERA case. This case protects the phone during rides and features a clear 4-inch touch screen window, making it easy to check routes and adjust GPS settings.

Wee Ride pet carrierPet carrier

Some of the best bike accessories are practical yet fun. A pet bicycle basket allows you to share biking adventures with your canine companion. The WeeRide Pet Carrier accommodates pets weighing up to 14 pounds and attaches to your dog’s harness for safety.

Bike computerSpeedometer

Technology fans will enjoy cool bike accessories such as a digital speedometer and mini-computer designed just for cyclists. The Ventura IV bike computer not only shows the speed you’re riding, but it also provides data for your total distance, trip distance, calories burned and average speed traveled.

Schwinn light packLight

All cyclists need a light — it’s one of the most important safety features if you like to ride after sunset. Bike lights clip securely onto your handlebars and allow you easy access to switch on when needed. Check out the Schwinn Light Pack. Its Xenon bulb has a brighter range and includes a 4 function rear flashing LED light. They’re easy to install and the set comes with mounting brackets.


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