5 Fitness Motivation Techniques

5 Fitness Motivation Techniques

Everyone tends to feel incredibly motivated when starting a new fitness program. Sometimes, your motivation can wane after the reality of hard work and dieting sets in. Although this initial hurdle ruins many of our attempts to change our lives around, it doesn’t have to sabotage you. Let’s take a look at 5 of the best ways to stay motivated to work out.

Set small, easy goals

When beginning a new exercise regime, it’s tempting to picture yourself having the perfect body that you’ve always wanted. But, achieving your ultimate fitness goals is a process that can take months and sometimes even years.
Many people lose their motivation when they see that progress comes slowly. But, if you can keep your focus set on short-term goals, you’ll constantly renew your motivation as you achieve them. Aim to lose a pound or two. Set a performance-based goal for each workout.
You should be able to lift a little bit heavier weight each workout or run for a little bit longer. When you have a way to see your health improving right before your eyes, you’ll believe in the power of exercise and find it easier to stay motivated.

Have a schedule

If you don’t have a set schedule for exercise, you’ll eventually miss workouts. One missed workout can lead to several. If you have a set schedule, though, you’ll feel more obligated to go through with every workout.
You’ll also be able to track your progress more easily. Finally, a properly scheduled workout regime allows your body to have an adequate amount of recovery time. Recovery is just as important as the workouts themselves.

Get a workout buddy

The way that other people see us is often a much bigger motivating factor than the way we see ourselves. If you have a friend to work out with, you’ll feel more obligated to stick to a schedule. If you only have yourself to answer to, you won’t feel so bad about missing a workout. If you have a friend to answer to, though, you’ll feel bad about letting them down and skipping a workout.
They’re also likely to encourage you as you reach your goals. Having a friend to work out with also makes the process of going to the gym a much more enjoyable experience.

Keep track of your food

When you’re trying to become more fit, it’s important to write down what you eat. Many of us wind up eating more or less than we think. If the numbers you come up with are surprising, you’ll be able to change your habits. We often wind up quitting a diet because a simple oversight prevented us from losing fat or gaining muscle.

weightsKeep track of your workouts

It’s also important to keep track of your workouts. If you lift weights, write down the kinds of exercises you perform, how much weight you lift and how many reps and sets you perform. If you do cardio, write down the type, intensity and duration.
Having a record of these numbers will help you consistently challenge yourself more each session. You’ll also be motivated when you look back and see how far you’ve come.
Staying motivated to work out is a difficult process for most of us. But, if you have a good plan to keep your spirits up, you’ll have no problem achieving your fitness goals.


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