Beach-friendly Exercises for a Great Workout

Woman-running-on-beachIf you have a beach vacation coming up, you don’t have to skip your exercise routine. Instead, you can take it to the next level with a challenging, beach-friendly workout. The sand and surf provide the perfect backdrop to these toning moves. Start with a five-minute walk on the beach to warm up before transitioning to these toning moves.

Sand skip

Muscles worked: Calves, buttocks, hamstrings and quadriceps

Sand’s unstable surface provides the perfect thigh-toning move, creating added resistance you just can’t get in the gym. To sand skip effectively, stand on your left foot while lifting the other until your lower right leg is parallel with the ground. Lean slightly forward to concentrate your weight in your lower body. Bend your left knee and leap in the air, landing on the same foot you started with. Switch legs to skip forward, jumping with the right foot instead. Repeat until you have skipped on each leg five times.


Muscles worked: Abdominals and back

Woman-planking-on-beachWhile the plank is a well-loved (and sometimes hated) exercise at the gym, the added challenge of staying steady on the sand builds strong core muscles. If you’re an advanced exerciser, start in a modified push-up position where your forearms and toes rest on the sand. Imagine your body is a straight line from your heels to the top of your head. Concentrate on tightening your abs as you hold this position for 30 seconds to one minute. Rest and repeat two to three times – and picture yourself showing off your super-toned abs on the beach.

Crab walk

Muscles worked: Buttocks, abdominals and triceps

Take some inspiration from our crustacean friends and do the crab walk on the beach for a full-body toning exercise. Sit on the sand with your feet flat on the beach and your arms behind you, fingers pointed toward your body. Lift your bottom off the sand and use your hands and feet to “walk” backward for 20 to 30 seconds as quickly as you can. Concentrate on squeezing your butt and tightening your abs as you lift your body off the sand. Turn and walk backward toward your starting point. Make it your goal to go further with each ensuing set. Repeat for three to five sets.

Push-up/sprint combo

Muscles worked: Total body

If you’re ready to really push yourself, the push-up/sprint combo is the ultimate beach move. You’ll need plenty of space to move, so take two beach towels or another colorful marker and mark off a space to sprint between. Sprint to the other marker and drop to the ground in either a modified or full push-up and perform three to five push-ups. Jump up from the ground as quickly as possible and sprint to the opposite end and hit the sand again for more push-ups. Try working your way up to four full sets – you’ll likely be ready to jump in the ocean to cool off after this tough workout.

-Rachel Nall


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  1. Moving to the beach at the end of July!

    There are a few of these that this old girl can still do ;)

  2. Heading to the beach in about a week, will have to try these exercises!


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