Best Free Weights for Your Home Gym

woman-with-kettlebellUsing weight machines in the gym can be intimidating, expensive and time consuming. Your everyday life isn’t attached to a cable or a machine, so why should your workout be fixed and rigid?

Strength training with free weights can be done in the comfort and convenience of your own home. You can get the same results you get from a costly gym membership by applying the right free weight workout routines at home. Here are four of the best types of free weights for your home gym.


Dumbbells are the most versatile free weights you can use for a home workout. They come in a number of different weights but work best when you use both a set of heavy and light weights. There are literally hundreds of dumbbell exercises that can be used to isolate nearly every major muscle group in the body.

In a relatively short amount of time you can perform a dumbbell circuit routine that covers everything from the trapezius muscles in your upper back to the tibialis muscles of your lower calf. As an added bonus, dumbbells don’t take up much space in your home and can be stored away in a closet or bedroom corner.


Kettlebells were originally developed as a strength building tool for the Russian military, but you don’t need a security clearance to use them at home. These cannonball-shaped free weights are designed to simulate natural movements and increase your range of motion.

These free weights aren’t just for building muscle, though. Kettlebells can also give you a cardiovascular workout and improve other aspects of your overall fitness such as flexibility and endurance. Like dumbbells, kettlebells are small enough to tuck behind your bed or store in the closet. In terms of overall fitness capabilities, kettlebells are the grab-all free weight for your home workout.

Weight-benchBarbell and bench

Working out with a barbell and exercise bench is an ideal way to do strength building exercises in your home gym. The barbell and bench combo is not like a gym weight machine. You can add or decrease the weight with ease and perform a wide variety of upper body exercises.

The standard bench press will add depth to your chest but you can also do some standing exercises with the barbell that target other areas of the body. The upright row, for example, is an isolation exercise that rounds out the deltoid muscles of the shoulders while strengthening your abdominal core.

Weighted-vestWeighted vests

Weighted vests act as a bridge between body-weight exercises and free weights. Sure, you can do a number of exercises that just use your own body-weight for resistance, but once you progress beyond that level, adding a weighted vest can help you go further with increasing your fitness level.

If you’re looking for a way to build muscle at home, using a weighted vest can enhance and maximize your own natural movements. You can put on the weighted vest during everyday household activities and chores or make it an integral part of your strength building workout. The weighted vest can turn a simple walk up and down the stairs into a total body workout.


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