Camping Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you’re going on your very first camping trip or you’re already an experienced camper, there are always new camping tips and tricks to learn. Follow these easy camping do’s and do not’s to make sure you have a great trip to the great outdoors.

Camping Do’s

1) Follow campground rules.

2) Always hike with at least one other person.

3) Carry your map with you at all times.

4) Prepare for rain and cold weather.

5) Return to camp before dark.

6) Stay hydrated (carry at least 2 quarts of water).

7) Do bring sunscreen and bug spray.

8) Bring extra batteries/fuel/matches.

9) Do pack all of your food in plastic containers.

10) Bring a first aid kit and make sure it’s properly stocked.

Camping Don’ts

1) Don’t forget to plan your camping trip beforehand.

2) Don’t leave your campfire unattended. Make sure it’s properly extinguished.

3) Don’t litter.

4) Don’t sleep in the same clothes you wore during the day.

5) Don’t feed the wildlife.

6) Don’t leave any uneaten food.

7) Don’t annoy fellow campers by being noisy or blaring your radio.

8) Don’t waste water.

9) Don’t pack more than you can carry when hiking.

10) Don’t forget to have a great time!


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