Fitness Training for Summer

When you step outside today, you’ll probably be greeted by clouds, dark skies and low, frigid temperatures that somehow seem to penetrate every single layer of clothing you’re wearing. Let’s not forget about the wind that can find and freeze any exposed skin on your body.

It’s no secret that this years winter is one of the coldest on record. To combat the chill, you may be spending a good amount of your time dreaming of your favorite summertime sports. Instead of starring out the window wishing the snow would melt away, use your energy to workout. This winter you’re going to train indoors for your favorite outdoor summer sports. Here are 3 exercises you can do to improve your skills at the top 3 summer sports: hiking, running and surfing.


Don’t be fooled, hiking up a mountain, even at a slow pace, is one of the most challenging summertime activities. The views at the top and along the way are amazing- and maybe that’s why the hike is so difficult, but worth it.

To mimic the stress your legs go through while walking up a mountain, you can use your treadmill. Get on your treadmill and raise the incline to the highest level. Next, simply walk at a very slow pace. For an even more realistic training, some gyms may let you wear your hiking boots and backpack on the treadmill. Of course, if you have your own treadmill, you can do as you please.

By the end of the winter, your calorie burn, heart rate and leg strength and stamina will increase. When you finally climb that high peak this summer, you’ll be racing to the top as your friends huff and puff their way up the mountain.


If you plan on shredding some waves on your surfboard this summer, the bosu ball is going to be your best friend this winter. In addition to sunshine and salt water, surfing involves a lot if balance. There’s no better piece of fitness equipment to help improve balance than the bosu ball. Just about any exercise you perform on the bosu ball will help your balance. For starters, start with a simple squat. Get on your bosu, extend your arms out in front of you and squat up and down. As with any balance exercise, be sure to have a spotter around for safety.


This winter, you’re going to hit the gym and work out your legs. Most runners neglect to strength train their legs because they think running is enough work for their leg muscles. However, when you strength train your legs, you will actually increase your running speed, pace, endurance and more importantly, you will decrease your chance of injury.

Perform a basic leg workout in your gym or home gym of squats, extensions, hamstring curls and dumbell lunges two times per week and you’ll be running circles around your running partners by springtime.


Old man Winter may put a temporary ban on your summer fun, but you’ll be happy you used this time to become a better athlete. You might even thank him and look forward to next winter.

Franklin Antoian

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