Plan a Ski Trip

ski vacationYou’re looking forward to planning a wonderful ski vacation this winter. But if you’re not a veteran ski-trip planner, you may just need a little help. We’ve compiled this practical ski trip planning guide to offer several indispensable ideas for making your ski trip a success.

Select Your Destination

Where would you like to go for your ski vacation? You’ll have many options but will ultimately base your decision on several factors. Where you live, how far you’re willing to travel, the recommendations from people you know, your own skiing aspirations and skill level, and/or the previous experience you may have had with a specific area will all apply. Research ski destinations online or consult a travel agent to make your final selection.

Book Your Hotel or Resort

Do your homework when choosing a resort. Would you prefer the excitement of a large, vital, busy resort with multiple run types or the intimacy of a smaller, cozier and slower-paced one offering fewer options but also smaller crowds? Again, a travel agent or resort web site can help. If you decide to stay at a hotel rather than the ski lodge, you’ll save money, but you’ll also sacrifice convenience. However, if you’re planning to ski more than one resort, staying at a hotel will be less of an issue.

Plan Your Wardrobe, Supplies and Equipment

Plan to bring enough warm winter clothing, since snow is wet and you may need to change often. Be sure to pack sunscreen and lip balm to protect against sun and wind. Bring along your sunglasses, since the glare of the sun off snow can be blinding. If you’re not a seasoned skier, rent your ski equipment, rather than buying it.

Prep Your Transportation

Choose your transportation method based on the distance you’ll need to travel, the timespan allotted for your trip, and your own personal preference. If you plan to drive your own car, do a pre-trip inspection. Check your oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and anti-freeze levels. Then, check your tire pressure and tread, wiper blades and heater. If you don’t already own snow chains, rent them. Getting stuck in the snow would definitely put a damper on your exciting vacation. If you plan to fly and rent a car upon arrival, make sure chains will be available in case you need them.

Hunt down Discounts

You’ll enjoy your fun on the slopes even more when you save money on the cost of your trip using online deals and discounts on lift tickets, lodging, dining and travel. Taking the time to track down these deals can help you get the best value, leaving you more money to spend having fun. To rack up even greater discounts, try scheduling your trip and ski outings during non-peak periods.


Careful advance planning can help ensure that your ski vacation will be all you hoped it would be. Knowing you’ve planned your vacation well will free you to focus on the adventures ahead. So, once the logistics are settled, remember to leave your cares at home and just have some fun!


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