Slim Down Secrets Just in Time for Spring Break

by Holly Hammond

With all the winter weather overstaying its welcome, two things are probably weighing heavily on your mind: spring break and bikini season. They go hand in hand and can often be an intimidating factor threatening the joy of warmer weather. If you’re starting to think about how to look your best in your spring break attire, follow these tips to achieve a fast slim down just in time for your vacation.

Drink more waterWoman drinking water

It seems obvious, but most Americans just aren’t drinking enough water and are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration causes your body to hold on to water weight, making you a little heavier and a lot more bloated. Start paying attention to how much water you’re drinking in a day. An average adult needs to be drinking around 75-100 ounces of water daily. Having trouble staying on top of it? Consider carrying around a 20-32 ounce tumbler that can help you keep a relatively accurate measurement of how much water you’re drinking in a day. Cutting bloat will help make you look and feel your best in your swimsuit.

Think meat and veggies

Steak and asparagus dinnerUnfortunately, looking your best often does correlate with watching what you eat. Don’t throw yourself on a crazy diet, though, just start making more health-conscious decisions in your food choices. Foods packed with fiber and protein such as whole grains, veggies and lean meats will help you feel fuller longer, preventing you from grazing and overeating. Also consider kicking your soda habit for the time being. The sugar and extra calories you’re drinking are adding to your belly bulge and probably packing on a few extra pounds. If you need to drink something with some flavor, consider drinking natural tea with a squeeze of lemon. After a couple weeks of making healthier decisions, you’ll find it easier to pass on the cookie for an apple.


Woman eating appleGetting ready for spring break shouldn’t be a time of complete deprivation. Sure, you have to watch what you eat, but you shouldn’t be torturing yourself. When your body craves something unhealthy, allow yourself to have a small portion. Succumbing to small cravings will prevent you from binging later. You can always find healthier options for whatever you’re craving. Reaching for a granola bar instead of a candy bar is a healthier alternative that will still help satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus, since you know swimwear lurks in your near future, you’re less likely to overeat, and the craving will help tide you over.

Blast away your fat

Woman running on treadmillYou don’t have to work out for two hours a day to achieve a trim physique. Forget spending hours in the gym; if you have 15-30 minutes a day, you can squeeze in a high-intensity, high-results workout. Mix high-energy exercises with recovery periods to torch fat fast. Supersets of burpees, mountain climbers and jumping rope mixed with a short recovery period will kick your workout routine up a notch, providing fast results. If you’re hooked to an exercise machine, try adding sprints to your typical workout. If you run a 10-minute mile, add a 30-60 second sprint after each mile, and then return to your normal pace for recovery. Mixing high intensity intervals with recovery periods help shape lean muscles and kick up your metabolism. That means not only will this workout do wonders for your body, but it will also help you get more out of what you’re eating.


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  1. Great blog! I need to focus on drinking more water. I'm not a big water drinker.


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