The Healthy Kitchen

Being healthy is not just a goal in life, it’s surely a necessity, and there are many ways to work toward that goal. The healthy kitchen? It’s a piece of the puzzle to a healthy life! Here are some great ways to have a healthy kitchen and be one step closer to a healthy body.

Appliances Keep You Healthy - Appliances today have so many wonderful features which encourage one to eat healthy and which enhance the longevity of the foods we store.

Appliances that cook with steam are effortless ways to eat healthy in a fast and efficient way. Induction cooking saves energy, is the safest cooking method of all and has no toxins to release in the cooking process, unlike gas cooking. A great way to eat healthy is to own a rotisserie. Who doesn’t love rotisserie chickens? Kebabs on a rotisserie are a fun way to eat healthy and mix up the every day dinner. An indoor grill or grill pan encourages healthy, and delicious, cooking as well.

Our new refrigerators have introduced super healthy technology. Humidity controlled crispers can be set at the perfect humidity level to make your refrigerated items last longer and stay fresher than ever before. Nutrients are retained when food is preserved in an ideal environment. Money in the food budget is preserved as a result! Fresh air is circulated throughout the refrigerator and filtered water from the kitchen tap or built into the refrigerator is the best and healthiest alternative to buying bottled water.

A vent hood is an important necessity in a healthy kitchen. Cooking toxins – moisture, smoke, heat, cooking particles, and more, when distributed not only within the kitchen, but which travel
throughout the home, must be removed at the source. The best solution to proper ventilation is a hood that is against a wall, over a cooktop, generally 24-34″ above the cooking surface, depending on the power of the hood blower. Some hoods turn on automatically if they detect heat or to periodically clean the air. Today’s energy saving appliances certainly keep the planet far healthier than ever before!

Countertop Cleanliness - Take a good look at clutter in the kitchen! It’s the perfect storm of accumulated dust, food particles and who knows what else? Periodically rearrange your countertop items just for a nice change, and as frequently as possible, do a good thorough cleaning on the entirety of the countertop.

Watch out for mixing raw meat and other fresh foods on a countertop surface or chopping block-the transfer of bacteria can be harmful. Washing our hands before cooking, during, and after we are finished cooking goes a very long way to keep bacteria from raw foods in check. Clean hand towels frequently and discard sponges sooner than you think you should – dry out sponges in between use.

Environmentally Friendly Materials – When remodeling the kitchen or replacing items, think about purchasing green materials to avoid toxic off gassing from chemicals used in their production. Dig a little deeper and research what processes, materials, and chemicals are used in the production of countertops, cabinetry, and flooring. Low VOC paints are a great and healthy alternative for painted walls and furniture.

A healthy kitchen keeps our bodies healthy and happy!

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  1. Hey Susan, Great tips. There are so many small things we can do without a big change in our habits or a renovation. When cleaning the counter top - don't forget the knobs and handles that you've touched while cooking! After reading your tips yesterday I was freezing some raw chicken to use for future soup and realized that I had opened 2 drawers to get the wrap and a knife and left "chicken prints" on the knobs!

    Knobs and handles in an otherwise spotless kitchen can be bacteria breeding farms! Wipe them too after food preparation.

    Thanks again Susan!


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